GoldenEye Agent 18:50 by Marc Rützou

  • Type: Game time
  • Achieved: 16 February 2015
  • System: NTSC-J

Dam: 0:55 - Low decimal. Acceptable.
Facility: 0:46 - The standard is 45/46, so 46 is always acceptable.
Runway: 0:23 - Standard.
S1: 1:03 - Good time. About a half second above the standard.
B1: 0:19 - Great time.
Silo: 1:09 - Want 1:08 here, but 1:09 is acceptable.
Frigate: 0:36. Great time. I'll take a 36 any day.
S2: 0:55 - Standard
B2: 0:30 - Standard. Missed the warp but whatever.
Statue: 2:27 - I decided to skip the trev shot on good starts. Figured i'd have a better shot at the WR instead of resetting almost every run on statue. Got the WR FR. Good run.
Archives: 0:17: Got stuck on a guard on the way out of the libary. Insanely high decimal.
Streets: 1:15 - Standard.
Depot: 0:27 - Did the safe train shot. Roller door fully open and train door closed. Did a sweet A before B warp at the train door.
Train: 1:06 - I screwed up a few places and the locks could have been better, but 1:06 is acceptable on a run with nerves.
Jungle: 0:59 - Lol. Horrible time. Was one bullet away of getting a full speed xenia. Had to go back to her and she trolled me by killing herself with the GL , so i had to wait till the explosion was over. Would have been 52/53ish if not for that.
Control: 4:00 - Doesn't get much better than that. Solid run. Low 358/high 357ish pace run. Did Obj. A safe.
Caverns: 1:03 - Standard is 1:04, so 1:03 is really great.
Cradle: 0:40 - Standard.