All videos for Caverns - 00 Agent

Difficulty:AgentSecret Agent00 AgentLTKDark LTK

A list of all videos submitted for GoldenEye's Caverns on the 00 Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

1:29/100Video 16 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Rayan I. mate
1:30/100Video 18 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho 1:29 is possible but yea 1:30 is done! Yay! Big thanks to Icy, Spex, Clem and everyone who has he
1:31/100Video 5 Jul 2013 NTSC-J Rayan I.
1:31/100Video 23 Sep 2013 NTSC-J Marc Rützou
1:31/100Video 27 Sep 2015 NTSC-J Luke Szklarz Dedicated to Justin St-Pierre.
1:31/100Video 5 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho
1:31/97Video 27 Feb 2019 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:31/97Video 11 Jul 2019 NTSC-J David Clemens
1:32/100Video 19 Jun 2011 NTSC-J David Clemens
1:32/100Video 4 Jul 2013 NTSC-J Rayan I.
1:32/93Video 21 Jul 2018 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:32/92Video 20 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Ryan White Empathize with speedrunners who lost records due to videos not meeting the proof standards.
1:32/92Video 25 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Dan Parker
1:33/97Video 3 Jan 2013 NTSC-J Marc Rützou
1:33/97Video 19 Jun 2013 NTSC-J Ryan White Wowzers in me trousers.
1:33/97Video 30 Jun 2013 NTSC-J Rayan I.
1:33/93Video 3 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho getting the hang of this
1:33/91Video 17 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Joris Quevedo Dat double boost in the tunnel, Skipped 1:34, could have been 1:32 without that troll guard stuck a
1:34/95Video 11 Nov 2012 NTSC-J Ryan White This is the run.
1:34/93Video 20 Apr 2014 NTSC-J Bryan B. Slow obj A strat. Vid was recorded using DVR.
1:34/93Video 3 May 2014 NTSC-J Luke Szklarz J A P
1:34/92Video 3 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho dat spec strat
1:34/91Video 26 Jul 2016 NTSC-J Jonathan H. 7 136s
1:35/100Video 30 Apr 2009 NTSC David Clemens Commentary:
1:35/100Video 7 Jun 2010 PAL Rayan I.
1:35/91Video 6 Jan 2015 NTSC-J Jim Barrett Took seriously like 35 hours.
1:35/91Video 5 Jul 2015 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho not very good but okay
1:35/90Video 9 Apr 2016 NTSC-J Eise S. Dupe:
1:36/94Video 8 Oct 2012 NTSC-J Ryan White Good run
1:36/93Video 11 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Michael K. Skipping whole groups of seconds here. Will there be one more?
1:36/93Video 19 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Alex Anderson
1:36/93Video 19 Apr 2014 NTSC-J Ilari Pekkala
1:36/91Video 27 Aug 2014 NTSC-J Daniel Coelho JAP
1:37/100Video 17 Mar 2008 NTSC David Clemens Music -
1:37/100Video 16 Jun 2008 PAL Rayan I.
1:37/91Video 18 Mar 2013 NTSC-J Jim Barrett
1:37/92Video 2 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Karl Jobst JAP
1:37/79Video 11 Jan 2017 NTSC-J Gus Riolo
1:38/100Video 23 May 2007 NTSC Bryan B. Time was untied when set. Video is original using VCR.
1:38/100Video 16 Mar 2008 NTSC David Clemens
1:38Video 14 Aug 2011 NTSC-J Eise S. JAP
1:38Video 27 Aug 2011 NTSC-J Shawn Johnson This level is easily the most challenging and time consuming level for me and many others. Seemingl
1:38/91Video 15 Feb 2013 NTSC-J Jimmy Bauer
1:39/97Video 26 Dec 2007 NTSC David Clemens
1:39Video 7 Nov 2011 NTSC-J Alex Anderson 1.2. NTSC-J 10 Dupes so far
1:39/86Video 10 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Michael K. ALMOST.
1:39/83Video 19 Apr 2014 NTSC-J Ilari Pekkala
1:39/79Video 14 Oct 2014 NTSC-J Ryan K.
1:40Video 6 Jun 2007 PAL Rayan I.
1:40Video 14 Aug 2011 NTSC-J Axel Zakrisson NTSC-J: I'm not particularly happy about this time. Got it at Henning Blom's place. Worth 91 (?) poi
1:40/88Video 8 Jul 2012 NTSC-J Ryan K.
1:40/88Video 6 Oct 2012 NTSC-J Ryan White
1:40/85Video 10 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Michael K. Today on Caverns 00A, Objective A shennanigans! Cleaning up my methods here though, there's still a
1:41Video 14 Sep 2007 NTSC David Clemens
1:41Video 15 Nov 2008 NTSC-J Takahiro Arai JAP
1:41Video 16 May 2011 NTSC-J Ilari Pekkala JAP version Alex's cart
1:41Video 25 Jul 2011 NTSC-J Jim Barrett Japanese Goldeneye at it's finest. The extra armor proves invaluable in this level, allowing you to
1:41Video 14 Aug 2011 NTSC-J Axel Zakrisson Got this at Henning Blom's place. NTSC-J.
1:42/100Video 13 Oct 2003 PAL Wouter Jansen
1:42/100Video 26 Aug 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:42/100Video 19 Nov 2006 PAL Greg Lewis
1:42/100Video 16 Mar 2007 NTSC Bryan B.
1:42Video 8 Mar 2008 NTSC Leonardo Santos
1:43/97Video 21 May 2004 NTSC Bryan B.
1:43Video 22 Oct 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:43/80Video 6 Dec 2012 PAL Luke Pettit
1:43/79Video 14 Feb 2013 NTSC-J Jimmy Bauer
1:43/71Video 13 Jun 2015 NTSC-J Randy Buikema
1:44/100Video 8 Oct 2003 PAL Wouter Jansen
1:44Video 10 May 2007 NTSC Ryan White
1:44Video 4 Feb 2008 NTSC Dan Cervone
1:44/74Video 10 Mar 2014 NTSC-J Michael K. Unacceptable. After this happened, my tape ran out right near the end of an EXCELLENT run, mid 1:3x
1:44/67Video 11 Feb 2016 NTSC-J Tyler Deel gucci
1:45Video 10 Mar 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:45Video 5 Mar 2007 NTSC Eddie Lovins
1:45Video 2 Jan 2012 NTSC Guilherme Alberto
1:45/69Video 13 Jun 2015 NTSC-J Randy Buikema trolled hard after radio room
1:45/43Video 5 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Lance Mudryk Takes me so long to PB that I'm more pissed off than happy when it finally happens
1:46Video 1 Dec 2007 NTSC Jimmy Bauer
1:46Video 19 Oct 2008 NTSC Shawn Johnson
1:46Video 6 Aug 2009 PAL Graham Maddocks
1:46/54Video 10 Feb 2017 NTSC-J Aaron Morgan one step closer to becoming a caverns god
1:46/54Video 13 Feb 2017 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga ok
1:47Video 5 Dec 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
1:47Video 10 Mar 2006 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:47Video 21 Oct 2010 PAL Adam Bozon
1:47Video 29 May 2011 NTSC-J Ryan K.
1:47/67Video 26 Apr 2014 NTSC-J Thomas Andrews Awesome run on JAP. 2014 Unwhoard.
1:48/100Video 29 Sep 2003 PAL Graham Morris 11 SECOND UNTIED WR WHEN SET
1:48Video 1 Sep 2005 PAL Ilari Pekkala
1:48Video 20 Oct 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:48Video 26 Oct 2008 NTSC-J Patrik Nilsson
1:48Video 16 Jun 2012 NTSC-J Greg Woll
1:49/97Video 3 Oct 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
1:49Video 31 Mar 2007 NTSC Leonardo Santos
1:49Video 10 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:49/36Video 26 Jul 2017 NTSC-J Scott Berger
1:49/32Video 14 Dec 2017 NTSC-J Joris Quevedo
1:50Video 7 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:50Video 5 Nov 2011 NTSC-J Patrick Johannessen
1:50/60Video 13 Feb 2014 NTSC Øyvind Persvik JAP
1:50/52Video 21 Apr 2015 NTSC-J João Vitor 1st Completion ("IL Strat") after around 7 hours from scratch! Very Happy!!! :D Best fail
1:50/10Video 6 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Riley Burke time ranks m8
1:51Video 1 May 2008 PAL Graham Maddocks
1:51/55Video 1 Jul 2014 NTSC Greg Larkin JAP
1:51/26Video 21 Aug 2018 NTSC-J Andrew Wash first completion with this strat. was doing some hundo practice and got this. if i keep getting comp
1:52Video 13 Jun 2004 NTSC Jim Barrett Closed 6 doors on Trev...
1:52Video 7 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:52/58Video 17 Feb 2014 NTSC-J Michael K. Visit with Alex! JAP is awesome, that's all I have to say.
1:52/45Video 14 Nov 2015 NTSC-J Sakuya A. ( ´ ▽ ` )
1:52/45Video 15 Jan 2016 NTSC-J Tyler Deel aight i'm done here
1:53Video N/A NTSC Leonardo Santos
1:54Video 6 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:54/50Video 18 Mar 2015 NTSC-J Eric Liikala
1:54/0Video 16 Feb 2021 NTSC-J Karl M. Took an hour and 45 minutes, kinda troll
1:54/0Video 18 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Ross H.
1:55Video 14 Jan 2004 NTSC Brandon Sanford 1 sec stuckage at railing in begining. 2 sec stuckage on the first dude on spiral. :lol :o Lost 1 b
1:55Video 8 Oct 2004 NTSC Dan Cervone
1:55Video 6 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
1:55Video 27 Aug 2008 NTSC Randy Buikema
1:55/27Video 25 May 2018 NTSC-J David Cliff I'm really happy with this time even though its not even close to the record. 13 years since i PB
1:55/0Video 15 Sep 2021 NTSC-J Jack P
1:56Video 19 Mar 2007 PAL Graham Maddocks
1:57/0Video 14 May 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson What a shit run.
1:57Video N/A PAL Greg Lewis
1:57Video N/A PAL Henrik Norgren
1:58/54Video 16 Aug 2013 PAL Gregor Degenhart Mega crap. Had stuff like 1:46-1:48 failed C or E and ~1:45 pace killed by grenade with 6 bars while
1:58/42Video 25 Oct 2015 NTSC-J Harry Van Dort
1:58Video N/A NTSC Trent H.
1:59/100Video 21 Sep 2003 PAL Graham Morris UNTIED when set
2:00/100Video 18 Apr 2003 PAL Wouter Jansen
2:00/47Video 26 Nov 2014 NTSC-J Kyle Wiebenga lmao
2:00Video N/A PAL Adam Moore
2:01Video 1 Sep 2005 PAL Ilari Pekkala
2:03Video N/A PAL Matthijs ten Ham
2:04/100Video 18 Mar 2002 NTSC David Gibbons Untied when set
2:04Video 6 Aug 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:04/19Video 17 May 2018 PAL Joonas Kytö BA is for betas ...and those with sub 2:04 times :Kapap: Raw:
2:04/9Video 16 Oct 2018 PAL Tim Klewer 9 points when achieved
2:05Video N/A PAL Eise S.
2:08/100Video 4 Jun 2001 PAL Wouter Jansen
2:10Video 16 Feb 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:10/0Video 27 Mar 2022 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Started trying this route off and on awhile back. Have put some effort into this, not sure how many
2:11Video 12 May 2003 NTSC Bryan B.
2:11Video 6 Jul 2006 PAL Graham Maddocks
2:11Video N/A PAL Henrik Norgren
2:12/0Video 25 May 2022 NTSC-J Jonathan Benoit
2:14/100Video 23 May 2001 PAL Karl Jobst
2:24Video N/A NTSC Dan Furst
2:30Video 26 Jan 2003 PAL Graham Morris
2:34/100Video 21 May 2001 PAL Karl Jobst
2:34/0Video 7 Nov 2018 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten [PTR] User was drunk when set
2:37Video 16 Feb 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:40/0Video 29 Dec 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose Runway SA post coming soon, sorry! Still working on the video of that one.
2:40Video N/A NTSC Jim Barrett
2:45/100Video 19 May 2001 PAL Karl Jobst
2:52Video 13 Feb 2008 PAL Axel Zakrisson
2:53/0Video 30 Jul 2018 NTSC-J Samuel Scholten Finally, a PB after a huge break. I didn't have internet or an n64 controller for over a week, then
2:54Video 31 Dec 2010 NTSC José Tavares
2:58/28Video 26 Jul 2014 NTSC Brian Dupont
2:58/0Video 4 May 2022 NTSC-J Declan Moodie Will accept sub 3 for a basic submission, would like to go for points here at some stage but would n
2:59Video 7 Jun 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
3:00Video 3 Dec 2001 PAL Ben Southward
3:00/0Video 9 Jan 2022 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Still bad but 5 second PR
3:02Video 8 Dec 2006 NTSC Greg Larkin
3:05/100Video 1 Nov 1999 NTSC Mike Martin
3:05/0Video 17 Oct 2021 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Had a failed 2:39 with Scientist deaths. Starting playing it a bit safer due to so few completions.
3:06Video 3 Sep 2007 PAL Eddy Erman
3:06Video 22 Oct 2010 NTSC José Tavares
3:07Video 29 May 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
3:11Video 7 Feb 2007 PAL Axel Zakrisson
3:11/19Video 16 Dec 2013 PAL Óscar Roldán Blay
3:11/0Video 4 May 2022 NTSC-J Declan Moodie Not happy with it so will improve, even if it's just a basic submission. But it's 1am and my game st
3:15/18Video 7 Nov 2014 PAL Mikael Axelson Gonna try the faster strat.
3:17/15Video 7 Jan 2015 NTSC-J Eric Liikala
3:18/0Video 12 Oct 2013 NTSC Mark Briggs I had set a World Record in this stage years ago in the DLTK setting.
3:24/0Video 12 May 2020 NTSC-J Steve Dudick Top 150 Time Ranks Better, but still slow in the radio room. Still using old strats.
3:26Video N/A PAL Quentin Meunier
3:28/12Video 11 Oct 2014 NTSC-J Eric Liikala
3:29Video 23 Nov 2006 PAL Axel Zakrisson
3:29/0Video 15 Oct 2021 NTSC-J Gordon Garnett Third try? Will revisit.
3:38/0Video 11 Apr 2015 PAL Robert Rune Deep Darkness's strat. With a BA certainly things are much easier i believe ...
3:41/0Video 21 Jan 2020 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
3:45/0Video 22 Mar 2021 NTSC-J Michael S. Still doing "safe" strat because cavs 00 scares me
3:52Video 29 Dec 2004 NTSC Mike Gaydeski
3:56/0Video 12 May 2020 NTSC-J Steve Dudick Solid time cut using strats that might resemble a speedrun. Major mistake in missing the code card,
3:57/0Video 21 Dec 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
3:58/0Video 24 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
4:13/0Video 27 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
4:14/0Video 8 Jan 2021 NTSC-J Michael S. improving this time once i learn how to live :)
4:24Video 4 Mar 2004 PAL Robert Shepherd
4:28Video 21 Apr 2021 NTSC Eric Liikala For the systems rankings.
4:29/0Video 24 Nov 2020 NTSC-J Russ Wharff
4:36/0Video 22 Nov 2020 NTSC-J Russ Wharff
4:44/0Video 31 Oct 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
4:45Video N/A NTSC Joseph Pierman
4:49/0Video 24 Jan 2015 NTSC-J Joshua Nash
4:50Video 8 Feb 2005 PAL David Cliff
4:51Video 14 Jul 2005 PAL Ryan Dwyer
4:51/0Video 9 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F.
4:52/0Video 16 Sep 2015 NTSC Harry Van Dort Completed using Control Style 1.2
4:53/0Video 22 Mar 2021 NTSC-J Brian Rose
5:00/0Video 11 Sep 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
5:04/0Video 21 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Steve Dudick Have to go for YOLO completions next. This is the only level I still play completely safely.
5:06/0Video 23 Aug 2014 NTSC-J David Silverlind guard threw grenade in C/D area, but the radio didnt blow up LOL
5:09/0Video 14 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood Total time sub 2 hours with this Overall Combined Time: 1:59:53 (218th)
5:11/0Video 21 Jan 2019 NTSC-J Cal Brabham Still pretty casual, didn't beat Trev through any doors. Radio room was *really* slow. This bring
5:11/0Video 27 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F.
5:15/0Video 24 Sep 2020 NTSC-J Eric P.
5:19/0Video 14 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
5:29/0Video 13 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
5:34/0Video 26 Jun 2019 NTSC-J Nolan Wiseman
5:35/0Video 17 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala
5:44/0Video 27 Jun 2021 NTSC-J Jake Schelberger First pb with by ntscj cart. so much easier with the body armor
5:52/0Video 11 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood
6:00/0Video 30 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
6:01/0Video 3 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F.
6:02/0Video 29 Dec 2018 NTSC-J Cal Brabham First completion. very casual - BA on NTSC-J makes this so much more forgiving Passed 33 players
6:05/0Video 30 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
6:06/0Video 8 May 2019 NTSC-J Steve Dudick Even with Japanese version, I still hate this level.
6:08/0Video 26 Jul 2022 NTSC-J Nicholas McFarland
6:09/0Video 25 Nov 2021 NTSC-J Ross H.
6:25/0Video 13 May 2018 NTSC-J Adam V. Just unlocking my Jap cart.
7:02/0Video 10 May 2019 NTSC-J Sean B Wood Overall Combined Time: 2:14:06 (262nd) sub-2:15 overall
7:02/0Video 30 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
7:04/0Video 16 Apr 2014 NTSC Eric Liikala (For completion)
7:09Video N/A PAL Pierre Barthod
7:11/0Video 14 May 2021 NTSC Drew Munson
7:16/0Video 22 Oct 2018 NTSC-J Eric P.
7:28/0Video 6 Jul 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee - after completing my newest PB on Aztec Agent, the next level I wanted to tackle was going back to
7:42/0Video 1 Dec 2018 NTSC Steve Dudick All cheats now unlocked. Good time for me. Happy with this for now.
7:52/0Video 18 Mar 2018 NTSC Adam V. Heart is still pounding after this one.
7:58/0Video 27 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Cory Hanson Had to kill a little time on 2nd scientist...I think?
7:58/0Video 2 Jul 2021 NTSC Jerry Bee - got my 19th different 00 Agent PB of 2021 (leaving only Statue 00, which I don't think is improvab
8:12/0Video 10 Jul 2019 NTSC-J Sean Johnson
8:19/0Video 27 Jul 2020 NTSC Jerry Bee - a day after getting Cavs 00 9:44 to remove my final PB over 10 minutes, I played Caverns 00 again
8:25/0Video 15 Dec 2020 NTSC-J James Nero LOL
8:27/0Video 18 Mar 2019 NTSC Sean B Wood New Cheat lol
8:27/0Video 23 Jul 2022 NTSC Nicholas McFarland
8:31/0Video 3 Aug 2019 NTSC-J Patrick F. Still suck but at least I'm not dead last anymore.
8:34/0Video 11 Apr 2020 PAL John Riddiough
8:55/0Video 11 Apr 2020 NTSC-J Brian Burchett
8:59/0Video 17 Nov 2018 NTSC-J Nolan Wiseman
9:08Video 11 Nov 2020 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
9:11/0Video 23 May 2021 NTSC Jake Schelberger
9:41/0Video 26 Nov 2019 NTSC-J Cory Hanson Waited WAY too long for a scientist to get out of the way. Cost me the cheat.
9:55/0Video 17 Nov 2018 NTSC Steve Dudick Could have been faster. Missing code card and slow objective C.
10:24Video 21 Mar 2007 NTSC Eric Tapani
11:33/0Video 29 May 2013 NTSC David Silverlind
12:02/0Video 5 Dec 2020 NTSC-J James Nero Wow I can't believe I'm a Let's Player™ now!
12:23/0Video 24 Nov 2019 NTSC Cory Hanson First improvement.
12:30/0Video 24 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
14:32/0Video 16 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Brian Burchett
15:04/0Video 13 Jun 2019 NTSC Cory Hanson Filling out the times page. Almost there!
15:18/0Video 21 Jul 2022 NTSC Nicholas McFarland
15:42/0Video 22 Jul 2018 NTSC Nolan Wiseman
17:08/0Video 12 Dec 2014 NTSC Ben Plath YES! Played it very safely, and almost died rushing the end! I also beat Aztec on SA, so just 00 Azt