Perfect Dark Perfect Agent 57:01 by Your Eliteness

  • Type: Game time
  • Achieved: 7 August 2005
  • System: PAL

Defection 3:07
I used the glitch strategy but had a slow programmer. He opened the door at 2:33, forcing me to wait over a minute for him. I probably should have restarted but obviously didn't. I missed the terminal at the end.

Investigation 4:03
I played it safe and killed everyone I encountered before the lasers. I caught the second bot cycle.

Extraction 2:54
Killed everyone in the lobby, but could have done this much faster. For fun, count the number of times I have to reload halfway through killing someone.

Villa 2:36
Good strategy and execution. I got shot into the red at the very end so I took the last guard very cautiously (who did an epic dodge manouver!).

Chicago 0:55
Solid run. Careful mine throw.

G5 1:21
The first room didn't go as smoothly as planned. I missed a laser switch press, but overall it was a decent run.

Infiltration 4:05
You'll notice I kill the guards somewhat slowly on this level. This is intentional - they drop grenades when they die and if you shoot them it blows up in your face. I went rambo after the first lift, throwing caution to the wind.

Rescue 3:37
Good run. I broke the uplink which wasted a few seconds. I got a heap of awesome kills immediately after blowing up the console.

Escape 4:17
Fighting the SuperDragon guards on the way to Jon could have been better, but this was a solid run. The medipack didn't activate instantly.

Air Base 4:11
I must have been too loud after disabling the security system, because almost every guard in the top half of the level decided to rush me at once. I ran out of ammo, but a quick improvisation with the Dragon allowed me to survive. If I did this a second time I would use the K7 and fire in short bursts rather than use the Dragon.

Air Force One 2:11
It's a decent time considering I started at the top.

Crash Site 5:13
I didn't use the hoverbike but probably should have. I used a cautious strategy which ended up going wrong. My intention was to kill the clone then run and blow up the ship before the Blondes could catch me, but I was too noisy when killing the guards near the hole so the clone ran away just before I tried to kill him. My improvised strategy was to kill the clone as he ran past me or simply blow him up with the ship, but some guards kept playing peek-a-boo. At least a minute was wasted at the end. I was in red health.

Pelagic II 3:54
Solid run. Everything went as planned except for missing the speech skips, but that's only a minor inconvenience. The alarm never triggered.

Deep Sea 4:37
I ran past all the shotgun guards. They have a good chance of wasting your health and it's not worth fighting them. Elvis handles them OK, but it means he's a bit slower arriving at the teleport room. He arrived at 2:12. I had half health after the Dr Carroll cutscene so I did the ending rambo.

CI 2:06
I took no risks here, saving all hostages except one in the firing range. Very nice run. This run has some funny occurances, such as the hostage running in the lift and the Blonde near the ship oblivious to the gunfire behind him.

Attack Ship 4:38
This is a really difficult level on PA, more than Ruins. Survival is difficult enough, but Elvis has a tendency to get himself killed so I killed every Skedar that posed a threat to him. I thought the run was over when he got into a fist fight with a Skedar.

Ruins 0:40 FAIL
RAGE! This is actually a really easy level, but I had the worst possible pillar setup and had to backtrack past all the Skedar who were running after me. Stopping and killing them isn't really an option. I took a chance with the Reaper Skedar - sometimes they shoot the beam in front of them - but in this case they killed me. This is the only death in the whole run.

Ruins 2:36
After the death, I considered quitting out but decided to continue. I had a better pillar setup this time. I still got hit by a Skedar but the remainder of the run was solid.