Perfect Dark Agent 26:51 by Carathorn

  • Type: Game time
  • Achieved: 1 April 2008
  • System: NTSC

Defection 0:14
Well, nothing special. Missed the elevator
Investigation 1:37
could be better, no super bot though
Extraction 1:02
its fine...used a safer strat for the BG room
Villa 1:19
Thats ok, though my average is 1:17
Chicago 0:29
Used Bombspy as a safe stat.
G5 0:51
Happy with that one!
Infiltration 1:40
Had to wait for elevator, and I closed the main gate so I
Had to get back to the little house with the button (lol)
Rescue 1:47
too slow imo
Escape 2:50
too slow imo
Air Base 1:25
Thats pretty good for me, happy with that
Air Force 1 1:22
Started at the low floor to lower the Hoverbike
Crash Site 1:48
Well that time could have been better even without a
hoverbike hahaha
Pelagic II 1:08
Deep Sea 3:37
Good, for NTSC. a PR for me, hehe
CI 0:59
Nice time
Attack Ship 2:58
I slowed down, had to wait for elevator...
Skedar Ruins 1:45
Wrong pillars...almost killed myself during the jump