Maian SOS Special Agent 1:51 by Big Bossman

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  • Achieved: 9 December 2018
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Points when achieved: 100
  • Rank: 2nd (97 points)
  • Player's comments:
    Had a pile of 1:52s-1:54s before getting this. It's a little annoying to get both lifts to work well and not be trolled by the guards all on the same run.

Big Bossman's time history for Maian SOS Special Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
9 December 2018 Video NTSC-J
9 December 2018 None NTSC-J
9 December 2018 None NTSC-J
8 January 2005 Video NTSC
24 July 2003 Video NTSC
18 June 2003 None NTSC
12 June 2003 None NTSC

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