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im ok at this i think


Discord: Dusky#3784

future video projects elite related will not be hoard related

"So it's a busy Friday night at about 6:30, right? And I'm the second last person on !last24, and we're about to run out of PBs. So I ask the other speedrunner, who shitposts the discord, to drop some hot 80 pointer. You'd think with us being in a quarantined Friday fucking night, when we're constantly busier than we have been in several months, that he'd drop a hot PB, right? NOPE. He drops a TWO FUCKING POINTER. I'd assumed he dropped an LTK complete at the very least, so naturally, we lose another PB off !last24 an hour later. So it's about 8:00 now, which is still 5 hours until the streak dies. You think he learned his lesson? OF COURSE NOT. He drops another two pointer again, expecting it to save !last24. And when !last24 inevitably dies, his excuse was "Well, any other night this PB would have saved us." BUT THIS ISN'T ANY OTHER NIGHT, IS IT? THIS IS FRIDAY FUCKING NIGHT AND WE'VE BEEN IN A NONSTOP FUCKING RUSH FOR THE PAST 100 DAYS YOU DUMBASS. He pulled some similar shit last month too. More and more I wish I could quit this speedgame but I can't afford to."

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Dusky's real name is Charlie Yeudall.

Dusky is currently 23 years old.

Dusky uses the 1.2 control style.

Dusky uses an NTSC console.

Dusky's country: Canada.

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