About DynamixDJ

Hi! I'm DynamixDJ (sometimes known as DynaGamer)

I got into SRunning in August 2019, and dabbled with GE on and off for a while until I decided to get serious, and it's fair to say, it got serious! Now I have the GE bug, and I look forward to nailing some awesome times :)

Started Running GE: 26/Sep/2019
First Points on the Board: 13/Oct/2019 (Frigate A 0:25 worth 35 pts)

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Interesting facts

DynamixDJ's real name is Josh Thomson.

DynamixDJ uses the 1.2 control style.

DynamixDJ uses a PAL console.

DynamixDJ's country: United Kingdom.

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with 48 points
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with 16:09:55

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