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The red panda is a symbol of gentleness, compromise, and patience. Their spiritual meanings include balance, independence, security, as well as nonchalance. Furthermore, they also represent tree wisdom, tree divination, and recognizing the individual tree spirit.

Mainly Goldeneye with some Perfect Dark thrown in.

1.2. NTSC-U and -J, PAL. Keyboard.

Extremely humbled and grateful to be included in #amalgamates with aztEC.

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by fighting back.

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EClout's real name is Evan Cloutier.

EClout is currently 30 years old.

EClout uses the 1.2 control style.

EClout uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

EClout's country: United States.

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with 1274 points
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with 8:05:25
Perfect Dark
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with 396 points
Perfect Dark
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with 13:38:39

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