About Guado

Goals for 2019: do some more level rotation, break into top 250 GE/PD

I'm gonna brag about other things until I can brag about GE and PD:

Major Accomplishment Area:
1080 trick total: 3,264,084

Other things
Worst fantasy league player of all time
I might have been on Winter Break on MTV/2
Might be the reason Duel DLTK isn't proof called over 10
Invented the Untied Perfect-er Sweep; held one for a very short time (<1 day) in OFOS league
I'm in a game: I Wanna Be Like Brisulph
Stunted in numerous Halo trick videos
Former administrator of (coolest people I've ever met online, seriously)
Game tester (I Wanna Be Like Brisulph, The 9 Divine, Detonation Zone)
Voice actor (I Wanna Be Like Brisulph, The 9 Divine)
Walkthrough maker (1080 snowboarding on, various video walkthroughs over 9 years)

I'm not coming back.

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Interesting facts

Guado's real name is Dylan S..

Guado is currently 29 years old.

Guado uses the 1.2 control style.

Guado uses an NTSC console.

Guado's country: United States.

Gamer stats

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Perfect Dark
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with 4:20:20

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