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Started playing Goldeneye on Dec 27, 2017.
Had played previously on emulator in July 2017 and Dec 2017. I had never played the game before then.

Discovered Goldeneye Speedrunning through Darbian's 0:54 on Dam Agent, found Elite through RWhiteGoose's videos, such as speedlore.

Goals for 2018: 1000+ points, full times page, top 100 point ranks.

Might eventually run PD, but hasn't really caught on for me like GE has.

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Josh Schwarz is currently 18 years old.

Josh Schwarz uses the 1.2 control style.

Josh Schwarz uses an NTSC console.

Josh Schwarz's country: United States.

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with 501 points
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with 3:29:04

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