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I'm from Ohio, joined the Elite around late February in 2018. I normally play keyboard style, and additionally play 2.X when needed.

Currently aiming to hit the "Boring Four" to start with.
Dam 53 (Achieved 3/27/18)
Archives 16 (PB: 18)
Runway 22 (Achieved 4/4/2018)
Bunker 1 17 (PB: 18) <-Active Goal

After that is Facility A 48.

Then I'll dedicate a month of streams to playing Aztec.

I intend on going for Aztec 00A no body armor if it isn't done before I get around to it.

GE Times Page Completed: 3/18/18
Sub-3 Hour (GE) Time Total: 4/17/18

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MadmanFlechr's real name is Adam Verbsky.

MadmanFlechr is currently 21 years old.

MadmanFlechr uses the 1.2 control style.

MadmanFlechr uses an NTSC console.

MadmanFlechr's country: United States.

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with 363 points
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with 2:49:40

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