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Hi, I'm just your just below average GoldenEye and Perfect Dark player, Nothing too amazing, but I try. I also like to play racing games because I like to go fast. :D

I don't know if I'll EVER get good in PD/GE but I will do my best to get the lowest times possible that I can achieve.. and to me thats all that matters!

First GE LTK points: Egypt 1:04 ~ 10th November 2019
First PD LTK points: Skedar Ruins 3:53 ~ 18th January 2020
First WR: Duel Agent 0:03:- 24th February 2020 (IT COUNTS DAMN IT)

Former Extreme-G Champion
Current Extreme-G 2 Champion
Former Extreme-G 3 IL Champion
XGRA Rising Star

[Project E] Project E is the acquisition of a World Record in all the Extreme-G games.
Project E: Started on 15-07-2018
Project E: Completed on 05-06-2019
First Extreme-G 1 WR: 16-07-2018:
Atomic Series Run: 9:46.43
First Extreme-G 2 WR: 04-08-2018:
Atomic Series Run: 11:22.56
First Extreme-G 3 WR: 18-07-2019:
Level Run - Muon Harbour: 34.68
First XGRA WR: 05-06-2019:
Level Run - Hellas Ridge - Arcade 1:08.92

Project: OneTrueBlonde
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Project Destiny | Unhoard Project III:-

Top 40 LTK:- 21/05/2022 - (Made public on 31/05/2022 within Project Destiny | Unhoard Project III)

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Mr. Blonde's real name is Karl Smith.

Mr. Blonde is currently 26 years old.

Mr. Blonde uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Mr. Blonde's country: United Kingdom.

Joined The-Elite:
26 September 2018.

Joined the GoldenEye rankings:
19 July 2019.

Joined the Perfect Dark rankings:
18 July 2019.

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