About SSJ3Tyler

Hi, my name is Tyler. I started speedrunning Goldeneye on console in 1/2/22. It is fun to play this game all the time.
My accomplishments:
-Completed the game on the 00 agent difficulty in 3/06/22.
-Achieved my first points in 3/29/22(Runway SA 23).
-Achieved my first big points in 4/25/22(Dam Agent 53).
-Finished the Boring 4 in 5/22/22(Runway 22 being last).
-500 points in 5/22/22

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Interesting facts

SSJ3Tyler's real name is Tyler McKinney.

SSJ3Tyler is currently 15 years old.

SSJ3Tyler uses the 1.2 control style.

SSJ3Tyler uses an NTSC console.

SSJ3Tyler's country: United States of America.

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point rank
with 502 points
time rank
with 3:22:04

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