About TroubleClef92

Started speedrunning GoldenEye on February 10th, 2014.
Started speedrunning Perfect Dark on April 16th, 2014.

Most points ever held in GE: 2352
Most points ever held in PD: 892
Highest place (points) ever held in GE: 64th
Highest place (points) ever held in PD: 100th

7 past TWRs in GE.

I use "keyboard style" 1.2, and a gamecube-style stick when playing 2.x.

Past GoldenEye proof moderator from February 2015 - November 2020.

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Interesting facts

TroubleClef92's real name is Alec M.

TroubleClef92 is currently 31 years old.

TroubleClef92 uses the 1.2 control style.

TroubleClef92 uses an NTSC console.

TroubleClef92's country: Canada.

Joined The-Elite:
28 January 2014.

Joined the GoldenEye rankings:
10 February 2014.

Joined the Perfect Dark rankings:
21 February 2014.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 1010 points
time rank
with 2:20:43
Perfect Dark
point rank
with 392 points
Perfect Dark
time rank
with 5:19:49