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Top 200: 15th Sep 2020
500 Points: 19th Nov 2020
Top 150: 7th Feb 2021
Boring 4 completed (w/ Archives): 7th Feb 2021
1000 Points: 7th July 2021
TASPAP 1 with Frigate 23: 28th Aug 2021
BOAM1 Attendee: 3rd - 6th September 2021
First System WR Bunker 2 PAL 21: 3rd September 2021 (Live at BOAM1)
First WR: Runway 22 SA: 27th October 2021
First entered top 100: 27th October 2021

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Agent: 25:34
Secret agent:
00 agent:

Best N64 Stick thread in the universe: https://forums.the-elite.net/index.php?topic=24135.0

N64 repair alternative reviews: https://www.wtfparts.info/

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Interesting facts

watertemplefiend's real name is Kieran Clinch.

watertemplefiend is currently 30 years old.

watertemplefiend uses the 1.2 control style.

watertemplefiend uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

watertemplefiend's country: United Kingdom.

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Perfect Dark
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