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Important stuff

  • We only accept times from the original Nintendo 64 versions of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. We do not accept times for remakes on newer systems or emulators.
  • If you are on our rankings for one game but not both, you do not need to use this form to join the other game's rankings. You can log in and do it there.
  • If you have ever been on our rankings before (including the 2000 era) then you probably already have an account.

New Member Quick-Start Guide

Why are you called 'The Elite', isn't that a bit... elitist

Because that's what happens when you let teenagers in the early 00s name your community.

New Member Approval

We have real-life humans processing all our new profiles, so you won't get instant access, give us a few days. Common mail providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) sometimes mark our emails as spam, (thanks mid-00s H4X0R!), so check your spam folder. If you've checked spam and are still having issues after a few days, join us on Discord and you'll be able to get help there.

Community Resources

  • Discord: For lively real-time discussion, join The Elite Discord here.
  • Forum: Register a separate forum account here to build on our 20+ years of GE and PD history.

Gaming Tips and Resources

Technical Resources

Check out the #hardware-and-streaming channel on Discord for guides on setting up OBS to capture your runs. Banz also has a guide on capturing raw gameplay while streaming.