All 856 Perfect Dark Players

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Alias Real Name GE PD
357V Jeremiah Voight Yes Yes
50 Cent Curtis Jackson Yes Yes
Aardvark Dan Weingardt Yes
aB1s Phil D Yes Yes
abney317 Beck Abney Yes Yes
abz424 Arthur Zhang Yes
Adam Goodbread Adam Goodbread Yes Yes
Adam Miller Adam Miller Yes Yes
adambozon Adam Bozon Yes Yes
AdiPlayzGamez Adrian Hosseini Yes Yes
AEB Stefan P. Yes Yes
Agent Dark David Wiles Yes
Agent Fama Aaron Jake Yes Yes
Agent Flynn Martin Flynn Yes
Agent Zero Josh Fisher Yes Yes
Ahrle Hans Forsgren Yes Yes
Air Holland Emile Broekhuizen Yes Yes
AJ01 Alex James Yes Yes
ALakota Austin Lakota Yes Yes
Alaris_Villain Robert Sizemore Yes Yes
Alecboy Corey Stublock Yes Yes
Alexa Frank A. Yes Yes
Alka Maass Alka Maass Yes Yes
All10 Alton Cope Yes Yes
almightypiccolo Daniel Masters Yes
Alpha007 Romain Moinier Yes
AlterMannCam Cameron Warner Yes
Ameliorist Yale Moschella Yes
Amiral_Popov Guillaume Patey Yes
Amniotics Donnie Heeler Yes Yes
Amoore Adam Moore Yes Yes
Andrew Bibas Andrew Bibas Yes Yes
Andrew Bownes Andrew Bownes Yes Yes
Andrew Wash Andrew Wash Yes Yes
Anduin Zakarias Jonsson Yes
andurilswrath Frank Gamsby Yes
AndySim Andrew Cowlin Yes
AnnaHill Anna Hill Yes
Annihilator Garrett Sellati Yes Yes
Anti Burn Michael Curtis Yes
Antler Austin H. Yes Yes
Aoreo James Nero Yes Yes
aperturegrillz Zach Amador Yes Yes
AquaBlake Blake Comeault Yes
ArbiterOfExistence Seth Johnson Yes
Arch Angel Bennet Tillapaugh Yes
Arjen Arjen Witteveen Yes
Armadam Kevin Denis Yes
armisen Zach Waller Yes Yes
Arthao Mark A Yes Yes
Assasim David Rainsford Yes
Assassin Dean Barnhart Yes Yes
AT Allianz AT Allianz Yes
Auddy Austin Davenport Yes Yes
Austin P. Austin P. Yes Yes
Aviarius David Pyke Yes Yes
Axel Andersson Axel Andersson Yes Yes
Axel Z Axel Zakrisson Yes Yes
B-bobe Michael Murrin Yes Yes
B4ttleMast0r Tammo S. Yes Yes
Banz Janne Pitkänen Yes Yes
Baps Marc Williams Yes Yes
barsam2 Martin Parigger Yes Yes
Bass Boost Alex Anderson Yes Yes
bbobb Andrew Cretella Yes
BDown B. Down Yes Yes
Beast9 Mark Parker Yes
beautifulgamergirl Andrea Yes
BeenieWeenie John Guthrie Yes Yes
Benobot99 Ben Plath Yes Yes
berg Eric Bergmann Yes Yes
Big Bossman Bryan B. Yes Yes
Big Dub Warren Clark Yes Yes
Bigtomiman Eric Tomillon Yes Yes
Bio-Technicien Bio-Technicien Yes
biske_la_varet Bryan W Yes Yes
Bizarbus Tristan Yes
Bizichyld Dan Wendt Yes Yes
BK Karl M. Yes Yes
BlackChaos Chris Staples Yes Yes
BlackCurtain Jan Mishu Talukder Yes Yes
BlackoutWolf Britton Guy Yes Yes
Blazebebe François Remy Yes Yes
Bleach Ryan Artiles Yes Yes
blikous David Shiell Yes
Bloodmaker Antoine Briet Yes
Blue Lightning Steven Haley Yes Yes
Blue Rogue Andrew Checkley Yes
BlueDogGreen Dan Doran Yes
BlueSoxSWJ Steve Johnson Yes Yes
BogusZ Roger Zylstra Yes Yes
BombSpy Matt Van Oostenburg Yes
Bonedragons Jeff Stanislaw Yes Yes
Booksleyca Jon Buckley Yes
Boris Cédric Tanguy Yes
Bork Doug Cook Yes Yes
BornKilla Greg Brooks Yes
BoxLord Logan Vaughan Yes Yes
Breckish Breck Fresen Yes Yes
Brendan Jonathan Machado Yes Yes
Brose Brian Rose Yes Yes
Bubbles Dakota Bittick Yes
BuddhistPunk Daniel Green Yes Yes
Buhb Leighton Blomme Yes Yes
Bujusima Claude Boucher Yes Yes
C4rb Corbin House Yes Yes
Cabinet Cat Hunter Carlyle Yes Yes
cainmarko Tim Nixon Yes Yes
Cal Cal Brabham Yes Yes
CallBal Callum Anderson Yes Yes
Calle W Carl-Magnus Wall Yes Yes
Cameron Heiniger Cameron Heiniger Yes Yes
Canovah Colton Hinkle Yes Yes
captZEEbo Greg Lavery Yes Yes
Carathorn Hugo van der Wolk Yes Yes
Carnski Gary Carney Yes
Carson C Carson C Yes Yes
Cck Christoph Kohlbach Yes Yes
CEDRIC Takuya Kakizawa Yes Yes
ChaosDeity Frederick Bissonnette Yes
Charlieboy Charles F Yes Yes
Chilsung Ross H. Yes Yes
Chone Sean Ritzler Yes
Chris Dark Christian Muhler Yes
Chris Gonsalves Chris Gonsalves Yes Yes
chuck Bruno Teixeira Yes
Chuya Takizawa Chuya Takizawa Yes Yes
Cibert-Dark Anthony Montes Yes
Claire Claire Yes
Col. Forbin Dave Tillberg Yes
Colin Colin Winters Yes Yes
comeasaurus Steve Bryze Yes Yes
ComicChimera488 Zaydon Lawrence-Amin Yes Yes
coowdude64 coowdude64 Yes
Cory Hanson Cory Hanson Yes Yes
Craig McGrath Craig McGrath Yes Yes
CrazedPanda Blair Howarth Yes
Crazy Dude Kris Ward Yes
CrazyCh1cken Nick Artfitch Yes Yes
Creator_Destroyer Cory May Yes Yes
CrescentNinja Michael Williams Yes Yes
Crow362 Sean LaRue Yes
cubby Grey Swanson Yes Yes
CutieCthulhu Benton Wankel Yes Yes
Cyprys Marcin T Yes
Cyrrus Schmidt Cyrrus Schmidt Yes Yes
Cytosis Steve Dudick Yes Yes
D Warrior Eric Tapani Yes Yes
D*A*M*O Damian Coe Yes Yes
d0ggr Spencer M. Yes Yes
Daemion Daemion Yes
DaisyFan Marc-André Morin Yes Yes
Dalton Smith Dalton Smith Yes Yes
Dan Cervone Dan Cervone Yes Yes
Danyal Isran Danyal Isran Yes Yes
Dark Avenger Phil Hughes Yes Yes
Dark Bioweapon Tyler Lewis Yes
Dark Command Thierry Jacques Yes
Dark Illusion Chiel Hengst Yes
Dark Inkosi Marc Rützou Yes Yes
Dark Link Thiago Dias Yes
Dark Master Anaël Raffin Yes Yes
Dark Mog Morgan Malm Yes Yes
Dark Odis Matthew Couchot Yes
Dark Shadow Johannes Sahlin Yes
Dark Slayer Rodrigo Toledo Yes Yes
Dark Toto Yrvin van Wijk Yes Yes
Dark Wrath Brad Cutler Yes Yes
Dark0Perfection David Fourn Yes Yes
dark2sim Christoffer Trabjerg Yes
DarkAko Jonathan Atkinson Yes Yes
darkchrisuk Chris Yes
DarkEmpire Emrah Arslan Yes
Darkeyes Thomas Grizelain Yes
Darkfan Vincent Sauvan Yes
Darkfire80 Dan Anderson Yes Yes
DarkFox13 Sam Sweeney Yes
DarkHawk Andy Day Yes Yes
Darkill Darkill Yes
Darkiller Darkiller Yes
DarkMicke Micke Kinnander Yes
Darkmim Darkmim Yes
DarkOne Brian King Yes
DarkRyan Ryan Honkonen Yes Yes
DarkSim87 Brandon Jones Yes
darksurge Dakota Greene Yes Yes
darkZIP Aaron Scott Yes
darkzo Luciano Branco Yes Yes
Dark_Levy Fabiano Levy Yes
Dark_Pat77 Patrick Zalesky Yes Yes
Darren Frickel Darren Frickel Yes
David Cliff David Cliff Yes Yes
DavidK5 David Kovaz Yes
dd__daz Darren Reynolds Yes
DeathGrind Grant Eidintas Yes
debrebeuf Sean Hurley Yes Yes
Decipher Brandon Donovan Yes Yes
declan Declan Hearne Yes Yes
deedub David Wright Yes Yes
Deep Darkness Óscar Roldán Blay Yes Yes
Demandred Chris Verkoeyen Yes
Denis Lucid Denis Lucid Yes
Dennisovic Dennis Waller Yes Yes
Desert Eagle Kenny Hill Yes Yes
Dildonius Stephen Ghiandoni Yes
dino Ludovic Gourichon Yes
Discombobulator Randy Buikema Yes Yes
Discordian Ian Levesque Yes
DJmovedeleter Tyler Davis Yes Yes
DMan Simon Archambault Yes Yes
DoctorDoom Aiden Rayola Yes
DogBert Tom Church Yes
Dominic Veroni Dominic Veroni Yes Yes
DontTouchtheDoor James Dalziel Yes Yes
dorf dorf Yes
Dosto Alexis Jalabert Yes Yes
Downage System Downage System Yes
Dr. Light Michael Lightbody Yes Yes
Dr. Sbaitso Kevin Ventullo Yes Yes
Dr.Blowfins Eliot Colosimo Yes Yes
Dr0pzone Paul Höppner Yes Yes
Dragorn Peter Branam-Lefkove Yes
Drax Mauricio Uribe Yes
Drew Munson Drew Munson Yes Yes
Druncle_Titus Sean Dunn Yes Yes
dsx Jonathan H. Yes Yes
Durand Anthony H. Yes
Durkmeister Adam D Yes Yes
dY Shock Jean-Philippe Lepage Yes
DynamicContender DynamicContender Yes
earfolds Ted Logan Yes Yes
EC Evan Cloutier Yes Yes
Eddie Lewis Eddie Lewis Yes Yes
EdgeMaster025 Steven Benson Yes
Eise S. Eise S. Yes Yes
Eliminator Jr. Randy Chapman Yes Yes
EliteAgent57 Zach Korth Yes
Emizkit Éric Blais Yes
ERayz David Raymond Yes Yes
Eric Renzulli Eric Renzulli Yes Yes
Eric Valente Eric Valente Yes Yes
erikthedirector Erik Stagg Yes Yes
Esteban Steven Yes
ethmac007 Ethan Machac Yes Yes
eToasT Eric T. Yes Yes
EverAlert Nathaniel Coughran Yes Yes
ExpertGamer Chris Rayola Yes Yes
f zero champ Elliot Jones Yes
FaceLoran FaceLoran Yes
facility89 Steven Pretsch Yes Yes
fadarkue Fabian Künzli Yes Yes
failurewarning Paul Yes
Fal Ian Fallens Yes Yes
Falcon Boris Dubbeldam Yes Yes
FalconFlame28 Matt Brehaut Yes
FALL Asahi Hirano Yes Yes
fatsmallen Matt Fallen Yes Yes
Fayk Nooz Steve Rigney Yes Yes
FC Touf-Touf Pierre Labarbe Yes
Fearless Watcher Erwin Gonzales Yes
Fernando Almeida Fernando Almeida Yes Yes
FFman Brice Nicoleau Yes
FinalFantasyGuy FinalFantasyGuy Yes
FireStorm Corey Hogg Yes
Flickerform Kyle Wiebenga Yes Yes
Flipside Daniel Berube Yes Yes
FMC Frédéric Yes
FOrk Jarrod Lively Yes Yes
Forrest Hinton Forrest Hinton Yes Yes
Fox05 Maxime Brazeau Yes
Fox2001 Jonathan Crevel Yes Yes
foxdie Eric P. Yes Yes
FPScanada Kirk Fritz Keitsch Yes Yes
Fro Frode Klow Yes Yes
FrobozzElectric Andrew Dubay Yes
FrostHops Jon Hauptman Yes Yes
Funky Buddha Greg Lewis Yes Yes
Gabriele Atzori Gabriele Atzori Yes Yes
GameCubeMaster Seth Beauchamp Yes
game_pro64 Chris Beed Yes
Gamingguru507 Steve Patterson Yes
garveystg Sean Garvey Yes
Gatiaz Gaetan Morelle Yes
Gazeux_Snake Sébastien Landré Yes
GhillieGuide Clarke M. Yes
ghostbus Nolan Wiseman Yes Yes
Ghus Dark Guilherme Ghussn Yes
Giggs Guillaume Smans Yes
GohanDZ Greg Jolin Yes
GoldenFalcon Anthony Acosta Yes
GoldenGreg007 Greg Woll Yes Yes
Goldenvinze Vincent Rolin Yes Yes
GoldMil Michael Nielsen Yes Yes
GoodleShoes Mason C Yes Yes
Goose Ryan W. Yes Yes
Gorrille-Sim Gabriel Gorry Yes
Gragz Graham Maddocks Yes Yes
GreasePig Ben Joffe Yes Yes
Greatmax Mark Briggs Yes Yes
Greatness and gold Dustin Price Yes Yes
Greenounet Ludovic Begon Yes Yes
Greg K. Vitor Miranda Yes Yes
Greystar Graham Sewell Yes Yes
Griffin Thompson Griffin Thompson Yes Yes
GroMic Michiel Groosman Yes Yes
Grvoda Vincent Walter Yes Yes
Gunman Liam O'Flynn Yes
Gus Riolo Gus Riolo Yes Yes
Happens L. Spear Yes Yes
Hattok Tom Galindo Yes Yes
Haydos Hayden King Yes Yes
HBloomz Henning Blom Yes Yes
HeadShotMaian Cody Williams Yes
Hector Placido Hector Placido Yes Yes
HenryZ3213 Henry Rodriguez Yes Yes
Herppaderpp Benjamin Ford Yes Yes
Hindu Richard Wade Yes Yes
Hiro Lucas Gloss Yes Yes
hitekaimer Alex Carvalho Yes Yes
HomerSimSim Paul George Yes Yes
hosseruk Max Bell Yes Yes
Hot Coldman Riley Burke Yes Yes
Hotdawg Hotdawg Yes
hotshott Walton Mattei Yes Yes
Hovezipwn Michal Paur Yes Yes
Huckleberry David Pirie Yes
Humma Ben Southward Yes Yes
Hump Clarence Corey Doherty Yes Yes
Huzi Huzaifa P. Yes Yes
ICS Joris Murray Yes
Icy Eric Liikala Yes Yes
Icy Guy Icy Guy Yes
Iggy Brandon Hernandez Yes Yes
iGorGurTi Igor Ivan Gaudeda Yes
Illu Ilari Pekkala Yes Yes
Imperfect Dark Declan Moodie Yes Yes
Infiltrater Ricky Pusch Yes Yes
InvertedLeg Oliver Oppelt Yes
Irie Butler Irie Butler Yes Yes
J Man708 Jason Cumming Yes Yes
Jackstar15 Jack P Yes Yes
James Brill James Brill Yes Yes
Jared Kirkness Jared Kirkness Yes Yes
Jasper Webb Jasper Webb Yes Yes
JazzaBigHits Jarrod James Berry Yes
Jbop Lancelot Junkin Yes Yes
JDBlack21 Josh Schwarz Yes Yes
jeet-chris Michard Christophe Yes
Jenny Softbark Jenny Schulz Yes Yes
jezz Jezz Savage Yes Yes
Jimbo Jim Barrett Yes Yes
Jimmy Bauer Jimmy Bauer Yes Yes
Jodavski Joseph Davies Yes Yes
Joe Blow Joe Miller Yes
Joe-Bananas Neil Corcoran Yes Yes
John E Bee John Baker Yes
John Selder John Selder Yes Yes
JohnSim John Riddiough Yes Yes
JonaEru Kenji Hayashi Yes
Jonathan Jared Silva Yes
JoncasSim Ryan Joncas Yes
Joost_Vermeulen Joost_Vermeulen Yes
Jordan Jacobs Jordan Jacobs Yes Yes
Jorgisven Nathan Evenson Yes
Joris Joris Yes Yes
Josh0295 Josh Price Yes
josh116pep Joshua Nash Yes Yes
joshtheghost56k Joshua Fuentes Yes Yes
JugadorJ3 Matt Cook Yes Yes
Jumboboy88 Jumbo Boy Yes
June Xelever June Xelever Yes Yes
Justin Jupiter Justin Jupiter Yes Yes
Justin Thomas Justin Thomas Yes Yes
JustinDT Justin St-Pierre Yes Yes
kack Gustavo Haluch dos Santos Yes
Kamk86 Josh R. Yes Yes
Kamran Khan Kamran Khan Yes Yes
Karl Jobst Karl Jobst Yes Yes
karmamachine Nathan Cromwell Yes Yes
Kean Jared Kean Yes Yes
Keefer Keith MacWhirter Yes Yes
Kev B. Kev B. Yes Yes
KfP Harry C. Yes Yes
KillerSim7 Travis Devlieger Yes
KillRideMasterJ Alex Stinchcombe Yes Yes
King A AJ W Yes Yes
kingblake Blake Michael Yes
Kingpin James Bird Yes
kjller Dan Dykstra Yes Yes
Klewer Tim Klewer Yes Yes
Klobber Joe F. Yes Yes
Knuckles Victor Lima Yes Yes
KoRnKid6 Danny Kees Yes
Koulakabaya Bob Strawskywich Yes
Kyle Reid Kyle Reid Yes Yes
Kyod and Cocker Terry Field/Rob Hall Yes
Kyto Joonas Kytö Yes Yes
Laércio Rodolfo Laércio Rodolfo Yes Yes
Lake Demon Blake Carroll Yes Yes
Lamampis Lampis Anastasiou Yes Yes
Lanky007 Arun Matharoo Yes Yes
Lark Greg Larkin Yes Yes
Le Manchot Chris Bohl Yes Yes
Lec Philippe Leclerc Yes Yes
Ledwith Daniel Henry Yes Yes
Lee Cullen Lee Cullen Yes Yes
Lemant Tim Friedeck Yes
Lidark Ashley Jelf Yes Yes
Liefesa D Thompson Yes Yes
Lifting Shadows Chris Holland Yes Yes
LightningBolt Emile Perron Yes
Lima Nick Lima Yes Yes
LimitBreakr Dan P Yes Yes
Live Forever Daniel Hall Yes Yes
lordfool Matthew Sherwood Yes Yes
LouDog 004 Joe Weisshaar Yes Yes
Löwenzahn Sakuya A. Yes Yes
LQwerty Chris Leon Yes Yes
Lukas Luke Williamson Yes
Luke Szklarz Luke Szklarz Yes Yes
MadmanFlechr Adam V. Yes Yes
madscientist032 Mike Brouillette Yes
Mahrla Stefan Mahrla Yes Yes
MaianRob MaianRob Yes
Malonemuert Wojciech Wrona Yes Yes
Mami Valentin Marie Yes Yes
Marauder Martin McMullan Yes
Marc Bruton Marc Bruton Yes Yes
Marc Mercury Marc Mercury Yes Yes
Mark Leithead Mark Leithead Yes Yes
Marshmallow David Gibbons Yes Yes
Martijn Kool Martijn Kool Yes Yes
Master8327 Some Ass Yes
MasterGamer007 Michael Moore Yes Yes
Mathieu de carufel Mathieu de carufel Yes Yes
Matt Matt Lee Yes
Matt Leto Matt Leto Yes Yes
Matthew Burden Matthew Burden Yes Yes
Matthew Mars Matthew Mars Yes Yes
Matthijs Matthijs ten Ham Yes Yes
Matthijs Triep Matthijs Triep Yes Yes
MattyAlanEstock Matthew Alan Estock Yes Yes
McGarbage Brent McGarvey Yes Yes
Meatsim:9 Eric Kenseth Yes
MegaVX Glen McKenzie Yes Yes
Mg Mike Gaydeski Yes Yes
Michael Coe Michael Coe Yes Yes
Mickey Mike Smith Yes
Mike MustDash Michael Antle Yes Yes
Mikers Michael Dolejsi Yes Yes
Milquetoastman Dan O'Shaughnessy Yes
Mindshadows Glenn Bate Yes Yes
Mitrhil Jorge Maricato Yes
moabmauler David Cooper Yes Yes
modestyouse Bryan Youse Yes Yes
MODnike18 MODnike18 Yes
Mops Mops Yes
MordFustangGT90 Rich Noe Yes Yes
MouserScribe Michael K. Yes Yes
Mr Blonde Jon H. Yes
Mr Dark Corentin Freliez Yes
Mr. Blonde Karl Smith Yes Yes
Mr. Lightfoot Gordon Garnett Yes Yes
Mr. Man Robbie Robinson Yes
MrChapel Ken Blaney Yes
MrWallet Jordan Mecikalski Yes
MSaint Mariusz Saint Yes
Mukade Alexandre Billon Yes Yes
Mystyc Cheez David Klos Yes Yes
N Master Josh Lines Yes Yes
Nabooru Aude Yes
Napa Renato Viotto Garcia Yes Yes
Narcissa Wright Narcissa Wright Yes Yes
Narigutita Diogo Azevedo Pinto Yes Yes
Naterdark Naterdark Yes
Nathan Hutchison Nathan Hutchison Yes Yes
NBOMB Nic Butrymowicz Yes
NCSD Annette Oleson Yes
Nebelung Mikael K. Yes
Neo Patrick Johannessen Yes Yes
Neo Dark Noel León Méndez Yes Yes
Newsroom Ray Ruane Yes Yes
Ngamer Jon Barber Yes Yes
Nicholas Neptune Nicholas Neptune Yes Yes
nickj109 Steven Johnson Yes
Nickyboy 62 Nick Walters Yes
nickyschlobs Nick Schlobohm Yes Yes
NikeXTC Iacopo Sorce Yes Yes
Niklas Andersson Niklas Andersson Yes Yes
Nindif Aaron Johnson Yes Yes
nintendofever Alex Shrewsbury Yes
Nintendoholic Nintendoholic Yes
Nodjo Alexandre Gimenez Yes Yes
noimnotajaysmom Ajay McCaleb Yes Yes
nolife9face Patrick Nolin Yes Yes
nopy4869 Ian McWhorter Yes
NoRevelation Alex Jacob Hall Yes Yes
Norm-Sim Alexandre Desrosiers Yes
NOUFozzy Dan Therriault Yes
Nublets Clay Kitchens Yes
Nuch Nick Grabau Yes Yes
nv Alex Stubbings Yes Yes
Nx Nathan Klein Yes
Nywaut Faris Ahmad Yes Yes
OatieeGEPD Noah Williams Yes Yes
Obsidian Age Simon Henshall Yes
Octoinky Phil McCanna Yes Yes
Ogran Aaron Morgan Yes Yes
Oh Jimmity Greg Whatmore Yes Yes
OHMSS Gregor Degenhart Yes Yes
Olejarczyk Lukasz Olejarczyk Yes
Omen Terrance Collins Yes Yes
Omi-Line Omar Gerardo Ramos Yes Yes
oneNemesis Matt Hedding Yes Yes
Onjay91 Andrzej Kozlowicz Yes Yes
OO Jeremy Jeremy Britto Yes
ooMOOMANoo Jason Patterson Yes Yes
Optimistic Rob McGee Yes
Ose Oskari Strandman Yes Yes
Osiris Scott Vrooman Yes
Otto Oksman Otto Oksman Yes Yes
P-Y Pier-Yves Lemire Yes Yes
Päckel Päckel Yes
Panny Natacha Domingos Yes Yes
Paracusia P. Pounder Yes Yes
Paragon Morgan Main Yes Yes
ParagonX9 Ben Gorman Yes Yes
Patrick Pluto Patrick Pluto Yes Yes
Paul Allain Paul Allain Yes Yes
Paul Engelen Paul Engelen Yes Yes
PAUL3083 Paul Sellings Yes Yes
Pauliwood Paul M. Yes Yes
PauloFKB Paulo Blank Yes
PD James Tyler Hankins Yes Yes
PD Master Derek Cabana Yes
PD4FR Nicholas McFarland Yes Yes
PDarkStyle PDarkStyle Yes
PDBRYAN Bryan Schollenberger Yes
PDGamer4ever Stuart Ross Yes
PDLenny Lenny Barretto Yes
PDM Christian Fengler Yes
pdmayhem Nick Fremmerlid Yes
PDPlum Paul Plumridge Yes Yes
PDsurf Johny Boombots Yes
Pearldrumma Parrish Husband Yes
Perfect Olivier Duquesne Yes
Perfect Ace Rayan I. Yes Yes
Perfect Dan Daniel Master Yes
Perfect Darkster Alasdair Dalgarno Yes
Perfect Goldark David Loiselle Yes
Perfect Knar Perfect Knar Yes
Perfect Perkins Sean Perkins Yes
Perfect Zero Felipe Almeida Larocca Yes
Perfect-Shot Jason Caffoe Yes
Perfectace 777 Blair Johnson Yes
PerfectDam PerfectDam Yes
PerfectDarklich Dirk Olson Yes Yes
PerfectEye1 Jeffrey Kozakevich Yes
PerfectGamer64 Amaury Domingos Yes
PerfectHeK Michael Hleck Yes
Perfectjoe Geoffrey Mercier Yes Yes
Perfectlau Schramm Laurent Yes
PerfectLight Jonas McCammon Yes
Perfectnéo Charley Muller Yes
Perfectom Thomas Koegel Yes
PerfectPlayer Piet Pollet Yes
PerfectSimKilla Geoffrey Shreiber Yes
PerfectTaste Patrik Nilsson Yes Yes
Perna Leo Perna Yes Yes
Pernicious P Josh Fronkner Yes Yes
Pestemojo Olivier Oost Yes
Peter Michael Peter Michael Yes Yes
PhatPapz Daniel Di Battista Yes
Phil Renshaw Philip Renshaw Yes Yes
Philip Bezgoubov Philip Bezgoubov Yes Yes
Phoenix Brandyn Bold Yes
pierrethekiller Pierre Barthod Yes Yes
Pignickel Alden Rivers Yes Yes
Pikachelsea Chelsea Rustad Yes
Player Bob Brett Kriewaldt Yes
plazmadamage Jonathan Becker Yes
pogopope Troy N. Yes Yes
poopnuggets Nick B Yes
Pretzel Josh Parker Yes
PrimeNumber Matt Young Yes
Protector 1 Tony Smithers Yes
PrOtEcToR ZeRo Matthew Jacobs Yes
Protoman Jonathan Wheeler Yes
Psycho Graham Morris Yes Yes
Psychodelic Joey Wills Yes Yes
Psycho_Mantis Pierre Tamsier Yes
Psychroptic Zack B. Yes Yes
punjab Scott Berger Yes Yes
Pure»Reality Marc-Andre Belleau Yes
QoiZ Jason Reines Yes Yes
Quiet Bol Josh Lay Yes Yes
Quills Quills X Yes Yes
Quirky David V. Yes Yes
Quizmaster T. C. Chavez Yes
r757chandler Ryan Chandler Yes Yes
Rafael RC Rafael Rodrigues Cozer Yes
RAGEQUIT Tyler Deel Yes Yes
RAR Romain Yes
Rasta22 Verguet Mathias Yes
Raven Lael Brattan Yes
Ravenfire Aaron Pavlock Yes
Rayburn Ed Rayburn Yes
RaydenEG RaydenEG Yes
raZorSmAll Matt Cooper Yes
Razza Sheraz K. Yes Yes
rdjohnson Robert Johnson Yes Yes
Reboot85 Stéphane Martin-Dupont Yes
Red Bull Max Bout Yes Yes
RedHawk Andrew Hickingbotham Yes
Redscreens Daniel Dickens Yes Yes
Repo Sean MacKenzie Yes Yes
Retrix Fox Skye S. Yes Yes
Retroflex Robert Bromley-Delavar Yes Yes
RetroRockets Harry Van Dort Yes Yes
Rhoca_Gil Henrik Jonsson Yes
ri13yfox Riley Fox Yes Yes
Richard Bownes Richard Bownes Yes Yes
Rick van Stralen Rick van Stralen Yes Yes
Rimuto Alex G Yes Yes
Ringwraith7 Jason Summer Yes Yes
Robert Shepherd Robert Shepherd Yes Yes
Roco Nicholas Pearson Yes
Roeleke333 Roel Hoogendoorn Yes
Rogaine Tim Mitchell Yes
Role Model Brandon Sanford Yes Yes
Rolland Gary Harland Yes Yes
rpggamerjmb Jason Bennett Yes
Rudie John Potter Yes Yes
RussJericho23 Russ Jericho Yes Yes
Ryan K. Ryan K. Yes Yes
Sabin David Schooley Yes
Sacred Razor Travis Judd Yes Yes
SadisticMystic Rusty Jones Yes
Sakmaster Zak Breitenfeldt Yes
Sakura Oliver Corbe Yes
Sam Fisher Niall Case Yes Yes
Sam Pinder Sam Pinder Yes Yes
SammoSammy Samuel Scholten Yes Yes
SamSim Sam Hughes Yes Yes
SB Lando Derrick Cubbage Yes Yes
SC4000 David Solomon Yes
Scarybear Michael S. Yes Yes
SeamanDemone Troy Seaman Yes Yes
Sean Aksdal Sean Aksdal Yes Yes
Sean G Sean G Yes
Seanjohn Sean Johnson Yes Yes
Secret Agent Man Geoff Ballard Yes
SecureATea Shaun Robb Yes Yes
Sere Sean B Wood Yes Yes
Sethereal S Khan Yes Yes
sevenok Tyler S Yes Yes
Sgrieve Stuart Grieve Yes
SgtRaven Dan Edeen Yes Yes
Shade Jean-François Dubreuil Yes Yes
ShadowZero Jim Söderlund Yes Yes
Shane MacSween Shane MacSween Yes Yes
Shibbypod Aaron Enszer Yes Yes
Shiva Zachary Risebrough Yes Yes
Shock Craig Makepeace Yes
ShortySkid Todd Jackson Yes
ShotgunEd Ross Neely Yes
SicWalk I. Smell Funny Yes
sidekick_steve Steve W. Yes
Silence Daniel Mannella Yes
Silent Foe David Birkel Yes Yes
Silent Thunder Tim Dubovsky Yes Yes
Silfreon8 Janne Saviranta Yes
silver angel Quentin Meunier Yes Yes
simplebutperfect Steven Rhodes Yes Yes
SimplyRoss Ross McSherry Yes Yes
Sims Killer Kevin Acosta Yes
Sinan Sinan Arslan Yes Yes
Sir Cubbage Jason Cubbage Yes Yes
SireDude850 Carter Lewis Yes Yes
sirlimpy Ben Dimelow Yes Yes
Sivea Alexander Groeneveld Yes Yes
Skedar Commander Nick Coppola Yes
Skedar Hunter Skedar Hunter Yes
Skedar Slayer James Howard Yes Yes
Skedar-Ruined Kevin Booth Yes
Skedarboy Roger ??? Yes
SkelliBoi Boris Krischel Yes Yes
Skitch Jared Dorothy Yes Yes
Skull-Kid Thibault Santelli Yes
skunk Jayden Schäfer Yes Yes
Slayer Michael Burden Yes Yes
SlickRick Frederick Roach Yes Yes
Slim Pappy Adam Pape Yes Yes
Slyman Simon S. Yes
smurx Terry Davies Yes Yes
SnapDragon Derek Kisman Yes
Sniper Andrew Yes
SniperDude_9 Daniel Watt Yes
Snowblind Josh Heuer Yes Yes
SoccerHero Jeff Cousins Yes
Softman25 Frank Black Yes Yes
Sokkus Paul Williham Yes
Spagooda John H Yes Yes
Spec João Vitor Yes Yes
Speed-sim Gerard Truant Yes
speedruntrainer Nick Rotmeyer Yes Yes
Spermofevil Peter Thompson Yes
Spicy Jacob Hall Yes Yes
squrpion Logan Jordon Yes Yes
Ssbmfan Simon Deschatelets Yes
SSJ2Luigi Jeffrey Bäcker Yes Yes
StaleBeeflet William Lyle Yes Yes
staraksel Aksel S Yes Yes
Stefan Glosby Stefan Glosby Yes Yes
sten88 Steve N. Yes Yes
Stephen De Winter Stephen De Winter Yes Yes
Sterling Neblett Sterling Neblett Yes Yes
Steven Zwartjes Steven Zwartjes Yes Yes
Stormblade Alex Yorke Yes
Stoxenbawns Eric B. Yes Yes
Sucram Marcus Dolejsi Yes Yes
Suicide Eagle Paul Williams Yes
Sumbigboi Alex S. Yes Yes
SupaOdin Glen Stevens Yes Yes
Super Slash Jesse Winstead Yes
Superbarquette Ronan Le Brun Yes
Superdams Damien Soutif Yes Yes
Swartz Kyle Swartz Yes
Swat Phillipp Hellmers Yes
Swiss Dan Parker Yes Yes
Sylent K Khan Yes Yes
Taber Lance Mudryk Yes Yes
Taka Takahiro Arai Yes Yes
Tapuboolin Liam Markgraf Yes Yes
TaylorTotFTW Taylor Victoria Yes Yes
TBR Brad Morgan Yes Yes
TELEFRAG24 Aaron Hess Yes Yes
Tha Hanzz Hans Verstraeten Yes
ThaRixer Nikolaj Sørensen Yes Yes
The Daft Fred Yes
The Demon Bart Verkeyn Yes
The Fat One RJ Matz Yes
The Game Sven Heidel Yes
The Gardener Charles Wheeler Yes
The Perfect Kristoffer Nilsson Yes
The Regulator Eric Pince Yes Yes
The Shadow Logan West Yes Yes
The Specialist Marc Robert Yes Yes
The Undertaker Tony Leonardo G. Yes
TheBruteDream Mark Vizza Yes Yes
Thediamonds8 William Conway Yes Yes
TheGodZilla2 Stéphane Samiers Yes
TheIrishBub Brian Burchett Yes Yes
TheJedi Curt Williams Yes
TheLuge Aaron S. Yes Yes
themegaswan Ruben Slikk Yes Yes
Theo Smith Theo Smith Yes Yes
therm33 Simon L. Yes Yes
The_Juicy_Moose Michael Gill Yes Yes
Thi Muffin Andy Knack Yes Yes
Thiago Trujillo Thiago Trujillo Yes Yes
Thibane Thibault Duchateau Yes
Thiradell Tyler Wishall Yes Yes
Tideking Jacob Ezell Yes Yes
Tim Anthony Tim Anthony Yes Yes
Timokles Benjamin Audrieu Yes
Timtamz Timmy Johansson Yes Yes
Tipster Robert Santellan Yes Yes
tknone Mark Smith Yes
to1 Thomas Bazin Yes Yes
Toasty Matthew Franzen Yes Yes
TobiasSC Tobias Linde Yes Yes
Toth Toth Yes
TPositive Taylor v. Yes Yes
Trac3r Jonathan Rydström Yes Yes
Travisimo Travis Dilts Yes
TreAKAHotdog Trent H. Yes Yes
Trent Easton Olof Jönsson Yes
TroubleClef92 Alec M Yes Yes
True Faith David Clemens Yes Yes
Truly Unknown Kevin Larson Yes
Tubiek Ben Tubiek Yes Yes
Tuck Henry Tuck Yes Yes
Twiii_ Chebon Shayen Yes Yes
TxR Tom Russell Yes Yes
Tyrannicide Tyler P. Yes Yes
Ukablexx Luis Manuel Reyes Barraza Yes Yes
ulmwix James Westmaas Yes
Ultimate G Gavin Thiedeman Yes Yes
Ultimate M Michael Rickers Yes Yes
Umble Soup Mike Nardone Yes
Unacceptable67 Spencer Chases Yes
urza527 urza527 Yes
VaevictisImperator Evan L Meyer Yes
VAK25 Victor Artyom Kazmenko Yes Yes
Valentin008 Ruokai Chen Yes Yes
Vampire Slayer Adam Yes
Various Varieties Nick Rollins Yes Yes
Verdeloos Louis Nebout Yes
Vermin Thomas Johnson Yes Yes
Very Juicy Cameron Button Yes Yes
Vigama Jeff Fisher Yes
Viper3000 Viper3000 Yes
Vulpex Andrew Kent Yes Yes
w0w Samuel Sikes Yes Yes
Wabs Fabien Malaval Yes Yes
Waiting Lovesick Ren Natsume Yes Yes
waldfee Mark M Yes Yes
Wally James W Yes Yes
wann Niek Chaplin Yes Yes
WarlockDestroyer Evan Dawe Yes
Wes007 Wes McKinney Yes Yes
Wheatrich Brent Wingert Yes Yes
WhiteChocaMilk Dylan Burnett Yes Yes
Whiteted James Greening Yes Yes
Will X. Will X. Yes Yes
William Carlos Chavez Yes
Willis Greyman William Gray Yes Yes
wishiwasfamous Thomas Andrews Yes Yes
Wodahs-Reklaw Daniel Coelho Yes Yes
Wolverbear Russ Wharff Yes Yes
WompaStompa Charles Lucero Yes Yes
Woo Marc Gariépy Yes
Wouter Jansen Wouter Jansen Yes Yes
Wuldntuliktono Joseph Reavis Yes Yes
Wyatt Inverness Glover Wyatt Inverness Glover Yes Yes
Wyst3r Henrik Norgren Yes Yes
X-Control Romain Smadja Yes
XaErO XaErO Yes
xav217 Xavier Arcourt Yes Yes
Xelna Pascal Lafrance Yes Yes
Xtreme G Gabriel Colbeau Yes
Xturnal Jason Cerella Yes Yes
xVallium917 Phil Hensey Yes Yes
xXDarkLightXx Steve Foy Yes Yes
xxomg Samuel Haycock Yes Yes
Xylus Nick Stipp Yes
xzc Joey D. Yes Yes
Yako Matthew Yakobina Yes Yes
YamDark Yanis Magnin Yes
YannSkedar Yann Gordon Yes
Yendis Jakob Birkenes Yes Yes
Yewi Zayne Bobes Yes Yes
Yoshifan Stephen Chan Yes Yes
Your Eliteness Ryan Dwyer Yes Yes
Yuppi Eetu Kinnunen Yes
zachjohnunlimited Zachary Kraus Yes Yes
zaneigans210 Christopher Dawson Yes Yes
ZAP! Dave H. Yes
ZAZKEN Artur Domingos Yes Yes
Zelexify Keith Scott Yes
Zer0Spinn Halle Owston Yes
Zero123 Devon Barnette Yes Yes
ZeroIzayoi Eric Yes
Zezinho José Tavares Yes Yes
♡ Madoka ♡ Madoka Kaname Yes Yes