The Proof Policy

The Elite Proof Policy is a document outlining the requirements of competition that must be met in order to be ranked on The document makes every effort to compile an exhaustive formation of all things one may encounter while speedrunning GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark and appropriate responses for actions that may take place in the course of competitively speedrunning these games.


  1. Proving Times
    1. Proofworthy Times
    2. Proof Calls
    3. Other Proofworthy Situations
  2. Property of Records
    1. Legitimate Records
    2. Name Changes
  3. Faked Videos, Times and their Repercussions
    1. Discipline
    2. Punishment
    3. Sentencing
    4. Non-Serious Fakes
  4. Time Not Saved
    1. Legitimacy
  5. 2.X Control Styles
    1. Legitimacy
    2. Multiple Players
  6. Third Party Controllers
    1. Legitimacy
    2. Acceptable Controllers
    3. Unacceptable Controllers
  7. Converters
  8. Emulators
  9. Quality of Proof
    1. Quality
    2. Significant Records
    3. Proving Untied World Records and tied UWRs
    4. Grandfathering
    5. Music
  10. New Strategies
  11. Other Game Modes
  12. Hardware Modifications
    1. Console
    2. Cartridge
    3. Controller
    4. Circuit Board "Strategy"
    5. Other
  13. Penalization
  14. Elite Council
    1. Abuses of Games
    2. Council Members
    3. Operation
    4. Members (Addition, Removal)
    5. Proof Policy Amendments and Changes

Proving Times

All decent times must have proof. This section deals with proofworthy times and proof calls.

Proofworthy Times

It is up to the proof moderators to determine what times require proof. Any time above 60 points will automatically be proof called. Times below 60 points may still be proof called for any reason regardless of a players rank, skill level, or proof history.

Proof Calls

Proof calls will be made monthly, and players will have 1 month to provide acceptable proof. Failure to do so will result in backrolling of a player's time on that stage to their best record with acceptable proof.

Other Proofworthy Situations

Proof calls can take place in other instances, such as someone posting all 59 point times across the board in an attempt to be just under the personal record quality for a proof call or someone posting all 40-50 point times across the board in an attempt to remain at a specific rank without providing adequate proof.

Property of Records

All legitimate records submitted are property of This section deals with submitted times and their property on the rankings.

Legitimate Records

When a record is found to be completely legitimate, it will stay on the rankings forever. No exceptions. These are the world rankings and as such, all the times of the world are ranked here. No one is able to remove their times.

Name Changes

You are permitted to have your name changed on the rankings as a matter of personal security, job security, or political ambition.

Faked Videos, Times and their Repercussions

This section concerns faked videos, lying about personal records, and punishments for the like.


Any person caught faking videos or lying about personal records will be subject to discipline as outlined in section 3 subsection ii.


All records are removed from both the GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark rankings. The perpetrator is permanently banned from the-elite world rankings with no possibility of reinstatement.


The decision to enact the punishment will be made by the elite council.

Non-Serious Fakes

Faking videos for obvious troll purposes, April Fool's pranks, hilarious jokes, etc, with no intention of having the faked run on the world rankings, are exempt to this section. It is advised to clear these pranks with a moderator to avoid any conflict.

Time Not Saved

This section details the "time not saved" glitch as found in GoldenEye 007.


The time not saved glitch occurs when an objective completes in the last frame of the fadeout of a run. This has been seen on, but not limited to: Facility, Runway, Frigate, Depot, Jungle, Control. The mission status will read "Completed," the time will not save as best time, no cheat will be unlocked if applicable, but the level will advance to the next level. These times count as complete and legitimate, and are ranked as personal or world records accordingly.

2.X Control Styles

This section details rules surrounding use of 2.X Control Styles in GoldenEye 007.


As 2.X control styles were programmed intentionally into the game, you are allowed to use them freely to obtain personal and world records, so long as it is one person controlling both controllers.

Multiple Players

Anyone found or confessed to be claiming times achieved with 2.X control styles, having used a second person on a controller, will be permanently banned for cheating in accordance with section 3 subsection ii.

Third Party Controllers


While ideally all competitors on are to use original Nintendo 64 controllers, third party controllers which offer no inhuman advantage are allowed for use on The-Elite World Rankings.

Acceptable Controllers

Acceptable controllers include, but are not limited to: Hori controllers, Superpad controllers, original Nintendo 64 controllers with replacement "Gamecube Style" control sticks, original Nintendo 64 specialty use controllers (Fishing Rod, Steering Wheel, etc.)

Unacceptable Controllers

Turbo controllers and custom controllers that offer other unspecified inhuman advantages are banned. Any controller that is unknown to give an unfair advantage will be at the discretion of the Elite Council and community to decide upon.


Third party PAL to NTSC converter cartridges have an unknown effect on the games themselves, and until proven otherwise, are now unfit and disallowed for competitive play and ranking for both single level speedruns and full game real time attack speedruns on If, at a later date, converters are found to have had an unfair advantage over non-converted runs, any ranked converted runs may be retroactively removed.


Due to discrepancies in performance and inaccurate emulation of latency and dropped frames, runs performed on an emulator are not to be ranked on The-Elite World Rankings, for neither single level runs, nor full game real time attack runs.

Quality of Proof


Effective January 1, 2014, all significant records must have proof in the form of an acceptable captured video, with in game sound. The audio must not have a significant delay. The-Elite World Rankings page needs to be a showcase of The-Elite's skill with quality, watchable videos. Webcam, cell phone camera, or digital camera video quality is not acceptable. Significant records must be direct captures. Just because a video is captured does not mean it is acceptable quality. Furthermore, this rule extends to include issues such as video cropping and framerate. Chuya's Attack Ship Agent 2:06 for instance is no longer acceptable quality. In game sound and clean bitrates are necessary. The community's public opinion as well as the elite council's decision will determine whether or not a video of a record is acceptable quality.

If a significant record is achieved without proof meeting the quality requirements, it will not be ranked, and will be backrolled in the same manner any unproven record is backrolled.

Significant Records

A record is deemed "significant" and thus requiring captured, standard quality proof, in the following cases:

  1. it is an untied world record
  2. it is a tied world record, tied by fewer than 11 people
  3. it is a non-tied time worth 92 or more points (an untied 4th or 3rd place time on a level)
  4. any time ranked ahead of all but 5 people (ie: an untied 6th place time, a tied 5th place time 1 second faster than 7th, etc)
  5. any other record that is deemed significant by the council or community

If your time is better than all but 5 people, it is a significant record and requires quality proof. For significant records poor quality counts as no proof. You may be asked to provide additional proof by any moderator e.g. a full session recording. Compliance is mandatory for your time in question to be ranked.

Proving Untied World Records and tied UWRs

Untied World Records are groundbreaking times that require special attention regarding proof. All Untied World Records and the first ties of Untied World Records must be proven within 48 hours of being posted on the rankings. All quality standards outlined within this Proof Policy must be met at the time of proof submission. An extension can be given under certain circumstances at the discretion of a proof moderator and should be specific and urgent with a clear plan for providing proof as soon as possible.


Current significant world records (set before December 31, 2013) will be grandfathered. There will be no need to duplicate WRs which are in bad quality. However any untied world record achieved after January 1, 2014, without direct captured quality, will not count on the rankings.


Music videos are fine to make for recreational purposes but do not count as proof for significant records. There must be an in game sound version of the video to count it as proof.

New Strategies

You are not able to have a record on the rankings if it involves a new strategy discovery, until there is a video and proper explanation of said strategy made public for everyone to access. For example, if you claim a new strategy that skips Trev's speech entirely on Statue, and claim a 2:10, you are not able to have that time ranked until you have a video of it and an explanation on how to perform the new strategy made public. While discouraged, hoarding a new strategy is allowed so that you can keep it to yourself and keep playing until you obtain an untied world record or otherwise personally significant record. However said record will not be ranked until a video and explanation are made public.

Other Game Modes

Any other Game Mode which is officially ranked by will follow the same proof quality standards as Individual Level runs. This includes, but is not limited to: LTK, DLTK, Agent/any %, Secret/Special Agent, 00/Perfect Agent, 100%, Co-Op, and others. Any runs that require changing settings in the game (ex: LTK) must show the settings directly before or after achieving the time proven in the video. Proof calls will be slightly more lenient than IL proof calls due to less competition, however, players should be aware that any time they post in any mode can be proof called at any time.

Hardware Modifications

This section clarifies regulations surrounding modifications of Nintendo 64 hardware.


Modifying the console so that is becomes overclocked, or modifying it in any other manner is not allowed.


Modifying your cartridge is not allowed EXCEPT for modifying the outer plastic physical part of a Japanese cartridge so that it may fit into an NTSC English console.


Modifying your controllers is allowed in the instances of inserting a new control stick (Gamecube style sticks allowed) or repairing or removing buttons (ie: you can remove the R button completely if you feel it gets in the way and is unnecessary.) You are allowed to do anything to your controller so long as it is not modified in a way which produces inputs which were not naturally programmed into the game.

Circuit Board "Strategy"

Pressing down on the circuit board to freeze the game's timer but still completing objectives in game, is not allowed (Trent's Circuit Board Strategy)


Otherwise corrupting the console, controllers, cartridge, etc, to glitch the game in ways external to the programming of the game (ie: crooked cartridge glitch) are not allowed.


Anyone violating any of the protocols written in this proof policy for the purpose of having times submitted and claimed to the world rankings are subject to the same punishments as outlined in section 3.

Elite Council

All other concerns and issues, anything not covered in this policy, any new abuses discovered, as well as the selection of proof moderators, will be made by the Elite Council.

Abuses of Games

Anyone found to be abusing the game in a way detrimental to the speedrunning community not yet covered in this policy, will be dealt with in a fair and appropriate manner determined by the council; with according rules written into the policy.

Council Members

The Elite Council consists of Jim "Jimbo" Barrett, Karl Jobst, Alec "TroubleClef92" McDonald, Jonathan "dsx" Hotinski, Luke "Homeonice" Szklarz, Daniel "Wodahs-Reklaw" Coelho, Bryan "TheBigBossman007" Bosshardt, Ryan "Grav" Gibbs, and Kyle "Flickerform" Wiebenga.


The council will vote on any necessary matters and come to a consensus decision. The votes and decision will be made public to the elite after decision is made. When a decision is needed, there will be a 72 hour voting period. Any member of the council who does not cast a vote in that period will not have their vote count.

Members (Addition, Removal)

If public opinion of a council member becomes negative, discussion will be held in public forum to remove or replace members of the council. Likewise, when public opinion of a member of the community is favorable for addition, they shall be instated to the council.

Proof Policy Amendments and Changes

This policy is subject to change at any time due to constant improvements in technology or unusual circumstances that could lead to situations not outlined within. All changes will be discussed within The Elite Council with the ultimate goal being what is best for the rankings and community of