Proof Policy

The document outlines the complete list of policies that must be followed to be ranked on the GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark rankings.

Proving Times

In order to uphold rankings integrity, video proof must be provided for notable times.

At the time of submission, video proof must be provided with any notable claimed times. Acceptable proof must be provided or the time will be backrolled to a previously accepted time. Posting a false proof video will result in the consequence of a temporarily frozen account or permanent freeze for repeat offenders. At the end of each month, the proof moderator will review all submitted times and a standard proof period of one month will be given to resolve any proof disputes such as audio or video quality.

The following are the specific policies regarding proof of times:

  • Notable times include: any regular mode time worth 50 points or more; any time that is a system record; any LTK time worth 70 points or more; and any DLTK time.
  • All notable times must have video proof. Any other submitted time can be proof called for any reason.
  • Untied and untied slaying world records that do not meet proof quality standards within 48 hours will be backrolled.
  • For "first to achieve" conflicts, the first to provide proof is ranked as the first to achieve the time.
  • Proof of date achieved must be shown for any records to be credited on the claimed date.
  • Untieds with new strategies will be backrolled if the strategy is not replicable in a proof call period.
  • Any video submitted will remain on the rankings permanently, regardless of removal by the player.
  • Any time submitted that is slower than your current fastest time for the level will not be subject to video requirements.

Proof Quality Standards

The following minimum video standards must be met for any time requiring proof to be ranked:

  • Video source is from direct capture device (capture card, VHS/DVD recorder, etc.).
  • In-game sound effects are audible on the video and are not significantly delayed.
  • Video resolution is at least 360p.
  • Endscreen is shown long enough to tell what the final time is.
  • The video is not too dark or too bright to see the run clearly.
  • Video is in full color (no black and white).
  • Video file framerate is at least 25 FPS with no excessive stuttering or frame drops at any point.
  • Video has no excessive frame blending or ghosting, see Example Image.
  • No apparent cropping of the video exists, see Cropping Guidelines.
  • The very beginning of the first cutscene of the level is included, see Cutscene Frames.
  • There is no obvious video artifacting caused by low bitrate, see Bitrate Comparison Video.

These non video quality related standards also must be met for a time to be ranked:

  • Original NTSC-U, NTSC-J, or PAL N64 cartridge was used
  • PAL/NTSC N64 cartridge converters were not used

Failure to comply with all of these rules will result in your submitted run being rejected by a proof moderator. You are encouraged to make a sample video and ask a moderator if it meets the proof quality standards. All decisions are at the discretion of the proof moderator(s). In lieu of backrolling, proof moderators may issue warnings for first time and/or minor issues.

All rankings category runs are subject to the same proof standards. Runs that require a change of settings must show the relevant settings before or after achieving the time.

Legitimate Practices

The following things are considered legitimate for any ranked run:

  • TNS (Time Not Saved) glitch
  • 2.X control style used by a single player
  • Third party controllers or parts (Hori, superpad, fishing rod controller, replacement sticks, etc)
  • Cosmetic alteration, button removal on controllers, and input viewing mods
  • Tape, rubber bands, or other convenience alterations that do not provide inhuman advantages
  • RGB or HDMI video output mods
  • Any runs that violate proof policy rules created after the run was submitted (Grandfathering)


Any player caught doing any of the following will be permanently banned from the rankings:

  • Splicing, editing, or superimposing video and/or audio to fake a time
  • Using turbo controllers
  • Severe controller modding to combine separate 2.X controller inputs into a single controller
  • Intentional hardware manipulation that affects the game in ways impossible to reproduce normally
  • Using flashcarts (Everdrive 64, etc) or gamesharks
  • Tool assisted botting and other input scripting devices used via the N64 controller input
  • Two players sharing a controller(s) or a player claiming a time achieved by somebody else
  • Misrepresenting an emulator or other banned version run as a run achieved on an N64 console

Any prank runs that have no intention of being legitimate, such as April Fool's, must be cleared with a moderator prior to posting and claimed by the player as a joke upon first inquiry.

The Elite Council

The Elite Council is a group of appointed members tasked with resolving rankings related conflicts and managing the rules governing the rankings. All other concerns and issues, anything not covered in this policy, any new abuses discovered, as well as the selection of proof moderators, will be made by The Elite Council.

If public opinion of a council member becomes negative, discussion will be held in public forum to remove or replace members of the council. Likewise, when public opinion of a member of the community is favorable for addition, they shall be instated to the council.

The proof policy is subject to change at any time. The council will have a 72 hour voting window on any necessary matters and come to a majority decision.

All council decisions will be made public to the community here: Decision Log Thread

You can contact The Elite Council by email at, or post on the forum in the Site Discussion & Council Attention section.

The current members of The Elite Council are: