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Hey, I'm Russ. I'm from Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

I first received an N64 (I think) for my 12th Birthday, all the way back in 1997. Yes. I'm old! I don't need to be told. I've since had another 2 N64 consoles since, one back in either 2012/13 and my most recent one (thanks to this website) since August 9, 2022.

However, the love affair with GoldenEye didn't happen immediately, as I didn't actually physically own a copy of the game, at least not in my own right. The first half dozen of games I owned for the N64 weren't even GoldenEye 007 itself, but I had played it, because my buddies from school (and still keep in contact with today) Crispy and Greg both owned copies of it. It was Greg that taught me how to play the game and boy, oh boy! I was awful! Terrible! Present Day me is laughing at my 12 year old self, but as the old saying goes, we all have to start somewhere.

How I happened upon owning my own copy of the game is slightly more interesting. My Mum played the National Lottery on a weekly basis and on one fateful night, she won by matching 4 numbers, which bagged her £81 and she practically split it 4 ways, so it was £20 for me, £20 for my sister, £20 for her and £20 for my Grandad and with my share, I managed to buy a pre-owned copy of GoldenEye 007 from a place called Ca$h Converters and the rest, as they say, is history!

It's a shame that the existence of a wonderful place such as this didn't become known to me until this year, because had I known, I'd have joined far sooner. This game and I are actually more intertwined than you can imagine. We share a birthday. The game's Japanese release date is August 23, 1997 and my birthday is August 23, 1985. I consider 23 to be my favourite and lucky number, hence its place in my username.

I use the... *Gulp* 1.1 play style. *Hiss* *Boo* Yes, I know... "Why? You'd be faster on 1.2..." I know. I'm still trying to get used to it, but imagine riding a bike the same way on and off for the last 25 years and then someone telling you it might be quicker to do it a slightly different way? It's gonna take some time to adjust, but I'd like to get there eventually.

Since joining The Elite, I enjoy watching other people's speedrunning videos and making and taking mental notes with techniques and picking and choosing when or when not to engage with NPCs, in order to save time on my playthroughs. Some members of the community here have been extremely helpful and giving of their knowledge and it's felt very embracing and welcoming.

Aside from the game, I am also an avid James Bond fan. I don't play this game just because it may be the GREATEST video game of all-time and I want to be the absolute best there is. That's never gonna happen, nor is it a realistic goal. Playing a Japanese version of the game with text I can't read, just because it might be a few frames faster and might help me with my times doesn't really appeal to me. I play this game because I actually like James Bond and am fully immersed in the World of 007. I've seen all of the movies and even though I consider Goldfinger to my my favourite all-time James Bond movie, my favourite incarnation of James Bond is Timothy Dalton. I think his two movies are fantastic and it's a damn shame the franchise got wrapped up in legal mumbo-jumbo for all those years that robbed the fandom of a third Dalton movie. However, that being said, without it, the GoldenEye movie itself wouldn't have been what it was and as such, neither would the game!

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RussJericho23's real name is Russ Jericho.

RussJericho23 is currently 37 years old.

RussJericho23 uses the 1.1 control style.

RussJericho23 uses a PAL console.

RussJericho23's country: United Kingdom.

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