About Whiteted

I try to develop strategies and make them viable for players to use, but my list of TAS-only strats is growing a bit long. I got my first points for the ZED press in 2019's Summer League. Proud member of SDES (single digit elimination squad). Splits rom creator. Frigate lover. GE >> PD

Notable runs:
- Frigate Agent 22 (2.3, slaying Karl's 1.2 untied)

Notable TASes (all on my youtube):
- Runway A 21 (7:0)
- Frigate TAS sweep 19 / 49 / 53
- Escape PA 2:31 with a sequence break
- Frigate 00A 51
- Bunker 1 00A 52
- Surface 2 00A 1:08 (where I forgot that r-leans needed 2.x)
- Facility 00A 45.10 bT

PD console strats:
- (Co-discovered with KevinDDR) Investigation Zooms
- Attack ship stay-out-of-the-door ending
- Maian pause-buffering
- Reverse Jon Push on Escape

GE console strats:
- Frigate shoot-near-a-hostage-for-double-odds (only used in LTK currently)
- Control Nat-angling
- S2 grenade throw, also helped rediscover the 00A console shot
- Developed modern Frigate agent 2.3 (Goldengreg007's strat)

GE TAS-only? strats:
- OOK on S1
- Early running Boris (ERB) on B1
- Bug lean / grenade throw on Frigate
- One guard decoder door lure (OGDDL) on Facility

Interesting facts

Whiteted's real name is James Greening.

Whiteted uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Whiteted's country: United Kingdom.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 661 points
time rank
with 1:27:25
Perfect Dark
point rank
with 13 points
Perfect Dark
time rank
with 20:26:18

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