About Whiteted

I try to develop strategies and make them viable for players to use. I was a member of the ZED press in 2019's Summer League, which is where I got my first points. I dabble in PD which is less well studied, but I have more interest in GE. Proud member of SDES (single digit elimination squad).

Initially I only used TAS tools for experimenting but I've developed an interest in TASing itself:
- Runway agent 21 (7:0)
- Frigate 19 / 49 / 53 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=972hg-gOgdA)
- Escape PA 2:31 demonstrating a sequence break (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PxIYf3HcgM)

Main strategies:
- (Co-discovered with KevinDDR) Investigation Zooms. I originally named them "zoomies" after the thing that dogs do. These combined with David Clemens broke the stage.
- Maian pause buffering. This came out of my work on AF1, and removes a large RNG element. This led to Madoka's UWR.
- Attack ship stay-out-of-the-door ending for an earlier 2nd skedar.
- Frigate shoot-near-a-hostage-for-double-odds. Under used on 00a runs. Used in the current LTK UWR.
- OOK! Making a comeback any day now..
- Control Nat-angling. Led to a couple of untieds by DC.
- Reverse Jon Push on Escape

My favourite level is Frigate.

Interesting facts

Whiteted's real name is James Greening.

Whiteted uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Whiteted's country: United Kingdom.

Gamer stats

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with 639 points
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with 1:33:53
Perfect Dark
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with 17 points
Perfect Dark
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with 20:26:18

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