Frigate Agent 0:23 by James Greening

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  • Achieved: 15 January 2022
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank: N/A - James Greening has improved this time
  • Player's comments:
    Put to "Still Speedin" by Sway in the edit @

    Achieved in keyboard grip when I was in a bit of a slump after finding Ted grip increasingly uncomfortable as I played more. This is a time that I have tried to get as a system meme on and off for too long but had just got trolled endlessly. It was very nice to truly tidy up on the system ranks: When I looked into it I had 22 - 27 - 22 which took 2nd place behind Irie's balanced 24 - 24 - 23. I had already released a 24 to take #1 but this makes my position on agent pretty unassailable.

    System times are still less of a meme than LTK, change my mind!

    Dedicated to the Frigpap gang <3

    Agent Aspiring Admiral - M97

James Greening's time history for Frigate Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
21 August 2020 Video NTSC
17 October 2021 Video PAL
7 March 2021 Video PAL
15 January 2022 Video NTSC-J
18 March 2020 Video PAL
1 August 2020 Video NTSC
26 January 2021 None PAL
9 January 2022 Video NTSC-J
3 January 2022 Video NTSC-J
9 April 2019 Video PAL
8 June 2021 Video NTSC-J
26 March 2019 None PAL
18 March 2019 Video PAL

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