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3rd person to be 42/42 in PD LTK!

Completed GE LTK, going for DLTK right now.

I have used 1.1 up until recently. I certainly don't think I have mastered 1.2 but I'm proficient enough at it to beat on levels on DLTK with it. I'll probably use a mix of both as I continue on playing, in situations of slowly peeking around corners, 1.1 is better. But I definitely how 1.2 is better for everything else.

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Quirky's real name is David Veach.

Quirky is currently 24 years old.

Quirky uses an NTSC console.

Quirky's country: United States.

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with 133 points
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with 3:23:24
Perfect Dark
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with 100 points
Perfect Dark
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with 3:23:33

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