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About Stephen De Winter

I compete on Mario Kart Player Pages and on Cyberscore websites too.

Born and diagnosed with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. Specifically in my case, High Functioning Autism.

I'm competitive with Chess. My Classical ACF Chess rating is 1166. I feel I play at a 1300-1400 level in Classical time control. Rapid and Blitz, I perform much worse at.

I enjoy casual sport.

My YouTube channel is 100stephendw

My Xbox Live Gamertag is NintendoChess

On a serious note, it's a security risk making my Xbox Live Gamertag or D.O.B. public information.

Most people do the right thing.

A Disability Support Worker advised me that putting my D.O.B. publicly helps criminals identify me and commit crimes against me.

Making my Xbox Live Gamertag public is a risk I am prepared to take. I very much doubt criminals will access my Xbox Live Gamertag profile. I have publicly made it available that I'm NintendoChess but I doubt anyone can workout how to get into my profile. Not smart telling the internet I'm NintendoChess but, it's pretty safe overall:)

I'll never put my D.O.B. on the internet. I took it off Cyberscore once a Support Worker told me it's a security threat.

Becareful of criminals!

In 2002, I beat Bunker 2 on 00A, Control on 00A, beat Train's Target Time and Cavern's Target Time.

Unfortunately, I don't know my times for Bunker 2 00A, Control 00A, the time I achieved when I unlocked 2xRC-P90 or what time I achieved when I unlocked the Silver PP7 back in 2002 so cannot submit to those times.

On 29/4/22 I achieved 5:32 on Train 00A missing the Target Time:(

In 2002 I beat Egyptian on A, SA and beat it's Target Time:)

The only thing I had to cheat with is Aztec 00A in 2002. It's insanely difficult!!!!! Never beat Aztec on 00A:(

Interesting facts

Stephen De Winter uses a PAL console.

Stephen De Winter's country: Australia.

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