Irie Butler

About Irie Butler

Normal mode achievements:
•First untied - Cradle SA 0:33 on 9/11/2018
•2 untied slays
•Top 10 point ranks on 11/17/2019
•Top 5 point ranks on 11/4/2021
•Top 3 point ranks on 5/15/2022
•Popular Leader on 11/14/2022
•GE Champion on 11/16/2022
•3rd to achieve sub 1:12:00 total time 5/2/2023
•57/60 current PBs & all 28 WRs livestreamed

LTK/DLTK achievements
•Won LTK league 2022 on Icy's team Cerberus Alpha and was MVP
•Won LTK league 2024 on Seanjohn's team One Shot Legends
•17 untied world records achieved
•7 untied slays
•LTK difficulty champion on 3/6/2022, achieved again on 1/29/2024
•First to reach sub 36:00 LTK total time- 2/26/2024
•First to reach sub 35:00 LTK total time- 5/2/2024
•40/40 current PBs & all 29 WRs livestreamed

I love helping out others, get in touch with me if you need help with anything! I'm always active.

Currently on LTK/DLTK tear for 2024. Normal mode mostly on hiatus until I get many LTK/DLTK goals done.

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Interesting facts

Irie Butler is currently 29 years old.

Irie Butler uses the 1.2 control style.

Irie Butler uses Reverse.

Irie Butler prefers Wide.

Irie Butler uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Irie Butler's country: United States of America.

Joined The-Elite:
6 June 2017.

Joined the GoldenEye rankings:
7 June 2017.

Joined the Perfect Dark rankings:
29 September 2018.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 5654 points
time rank
with 1:11:53
Perfect Dark
point rank
with 11 points
Perfect Dark
time rank
with 20:01:51