Irie Butler

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•Joined The-Elite on June 6th 2017
•Got an untied with Cradle SA 0:33 on September 11th 2018
• Slayed Clemens' untied on Jungle 00 (0:53, December 3rd 2019) and Ace's untied on Bunker 2 SA (0:42, August 8th 2021)
•Achieved top 10 point ranks on November 17th 2019
•Achieved top 5 point ranks on November 4th 2021
•Most points ever held at once: 5,518/6,000
•Most level leaderboards held at once: 15/20
•Sober from weed since September 25, 2021

55/60 current PBs were streamed, as well as all 24 WRs

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Interesting facts

Irie Butler is currently 26 years old.

Irie Butler uses the 1.2 control style.

Irie Butler uses both NTSC and PAL consoles.

Irie Butler's country: United States.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 5512 points
time rank
with 1:12:34
Perfect Dark
point rank
with 19 points
Perfect Dark
time rank
with 20:01:51

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