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I've been playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark really since they came out, at a very low level. A couple years ago I lent my copy of PD to a friend who then passed away, and just never replaced it. I started missing the game so much I purchased a new, unopened copy online. I started getting interested in watching professional players on my quest to improve, and found Goose's videos on Youtube, and this community. I think it's so cool that these games are still played with such passion by so many people. Some of the videos are awesome - I know from experience how when I'm on track to do a personal best, I'll get some adrenaline every time. Also, I remember seeing videos of Paragon way back then, and the fact that several Eliters have referenced him and this site still has the same videos was pretty nostalgic. I also like how some players are dedicated to what are now considered retro systems. I follow a similar general trend, rarely passing beyond Gamecube/Xbox 1 gen, with nes, snes, n64 being my core gaming consoles.
The Elite's videos and passion helped me to beat Perfect Dark (I've been playing these games for years, but had no real drive to do what seemed impossible to me - I hate dying, and without some nerve on PA/00 guards can be lethal in the first rooms of a level) all the way through on Perfect Agent, and make some serious improvement to my gameplay. If any new players having a hard time just beating the campaign see this, I found putting on Invincibility, getting the path down, then putting on Super Shield, then working through the stage helped me beat my Perfect Agent holdout levels.
I didn't expect to actually upload any videos or times, and just wanted to join to show my support of this community and this site, but then I got all motivated (see below), dug out an old VCR, and once I had that hooked up I figured hey, I might as well post my times and have the site track my progress instead of my (literally) pen and paper personal records, and went to town on my Perfect Dark times.
I first got excited about a Lone Trevelyan occurrence on Statue Park, where Trev spawns all alone without any henchmen, and I was watching a Clemens stream on Twitch and asked him what causes that, and he was like "what?" so I thought I found something anomalous, but then somebody on Discord said that can happen. I'm new here and don't really know what's going on, and really prob just going to play my own low-level game without much drive to figure stuff other than gameplay out (yet), but I'm still not really sure what's up with the Lone Trev. It got me motivated to start recording some times, though, so hey.
Also, at some point I'd like to work on using 1.2 controls (at some point I dabbled with 1.2 years ago, and if you play Jet Force Gemini that's kind of how runnin & gunnin while holding aim works), but I'm so entrenched in 1.1 and finally doing good (in my opinion), so I don't really want to deal with that right now.
Maybe about a year ago I trained myself to go from inverted y-axis to standard (I've played a lot of Halo: CE, 2, and Reach, with a smattering of 4 as almost the only modern games I've gotten into, and default just seems more logical on a joystick than inverted), and that was miserable. If I'd get in a tight spot my reflexes would resort to inverted sporadically for a while before my brain rewired after 20 years of inverted. I basically played Firefight on Reach with invincibility until I reconditioned.
Oddly, games like Bounty Hunter or Turok 2 my brain just knows are inverted, and I don't have trouble with it.
Anyway, I realize 1.2 is faster, I just don't want to deal with readjusting my brain and the way I hold the controller right now.
Yeah, this site is awesome, and I look forward to bettering my own game a little bit. I was really stoked to beat Perfect Dark for the first time since ever, still have WAR! on PA as the last holdout, and just personal improvement.
Another thing: since I saw Goose's video on the Attack Ship Agent record, in down time I've been playing Attack Ship just to see what kind of endings I get. It's been fun to just kind of play the lottery with that. Basically I got from that video that a completion time 33 seconds from the last bridge Skedar kill is really good. I've gotten multiple 34s so far, and one 33, so we'll see. According to the video as well, a 26 seems theoretically possible, which would be really rare. I usually wait behind and kill the last bridge Skedar exactly on a nice even number like 2:50 or 3:00 so I can easily gauge my time.
Random thought: I've seen comments on videos, as well as videos on a canceled PD sequel that said Mr. Blonde was the only Skedar who survived; I had always just assumed he was one of the bridge Skedar - if not the big admiral one, like one of the right-hand lieutenants or something. Apparently I was wrong about that, but it's pretty ambiguous. I like to think he went and got Cassandra while the Carrington Institute was getting lit up, Joanna and Cassandra both get dropped on the Attack Ship, and then Jo wakes up and kills all aboard, including Mr. Blonde. I mean, what the heck else was he supposed to be off doing? Their plans got peed away between no Pelagic II consent, no Presidential clone on AF1 or Crash Site, and they got denied on Deep Sea, so there's nothing left but to spite Carrington Institute and blow up Datadyne, grabbing Cassandra for execution, then regroup on their ship. When Jo kills them all. So yeah, why would Mr. Blonde not be on the ship? He was probably on the bridge reporting to the admiral when Jo pops up with charged Mauler in hand and is like "yo." Then he dies. That's my version of events.
Oh yeah, when I come up with Goldeneye Times, I'll wait until I've got them all so I don't have to mass unhoard them on the homepage.
Bear with me as I work on my starting times, too. I know I can improve all of them, and most of them by a bit, but I just ran through to get some times on the board.

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