About Icy

• Perfect Dark enthusiast and Goldeneye dabbler
• Top 10 Perfect Dark player (achieved 19/03/18)
• Former PD LTK champion (02/02/15 - 26/01/16)
• Former GE LTK 2nd place on multiple occasions (first achieved 24/09/14)
• Former Rare LTK champion (09/07/14 - 24/01/16)
• Completed all levels on LTK and DLTK in both GE and PD
• First to complete the last DLTK level to be beaten, Attack Ship, and thus first to complete all levels for PD
• Untied MBR A 1:18
• Plethora of PD LTK untieds
• Created many new strategies in both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, in both normal mode and LTK
• Revolutionized LTK in the modern era
• Perma-noob ;D

~ Est. 2014 ~

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Interesting facts

Icy's real name is Eric Liikala.

Icy is currently 30 years old.

Icy uses the 1.2 control style.

Icy uses an NTSC console.

Icy's country: Canada.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 3586 points
time rank
with 1:16:02
Perfect Dark
point rank
with 4816 points
Perfect Dark
time rank
with 1:33:28