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Pronounced: Mark Lee-theed

Pronunciation of Gyges is still on the table (Guy-Gess, Guy-Jeez, Guy-Gesh, Gee-Gus (from Google), and others, all appreciated).

Gyges comes from Plato's 'The Republic', 380 B.C., Ancient Greece:

Glaucon posits the hypothetical story of a shepherd named Gyges whom finds a ring on a corpse in a chasm, which gives him the ability to become invisible. Gyges uses this power for his own interests and profits. The question is: would we all be unjust if we had a cloak of anonymity? Is this why we have justice, law and political order? What would you do if you were Gyges?

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Mark Leithead uses the 1.2 control style.

Mark Leithead uses an NTSC console.

Mark Leithead's country: Canada.

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