Occasional, 60/60 proven GE speedrusher on Her Majesty's secret service. Peaked at 27th in 10/2014. Born and raised in Austria, now living in Switzerland (staying true to those Alps). I am an electrical engineer.

Me at the MI6 HQ, Vauxhall Cross, London:

I held the very questionable title 'PAL champ', the highest ranked player that has never PRed on NTSC, for most of 2014 (lost the title by playing Caverns on a friend's NTSC-J console for an hour, lol).

Watch my videos:

Chatting as Ohmss_ on twitch.tv.

Some people (myself included) liked this text, so I am preserving it here:
"I am still repelled by the bad official controllers (wear off rapidly and injure fingers), the influx of stupid strats involving double controller bugs, the often prehistoric frame rate, and, most of all, the addictive grinding that makes hours trickle away and bombards the brain with irrel stimuli. In the medium term, the resultant sensory overload prevents any activities that require any vigour of the mind, thus forcing you into mental degeneracy where you resort to undemanding diversions like Twitch chatting and video browsing and, of course, grinding some more. Come to think of it, I really shouldn't play GE seriously ever again."

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OHMSS's real name is Gregor Degenhart.

OHMSS is currently 31 years old.

OHMSS uses the 1.2 control style.

OHMSS uses a PAL console.

OHMSS's country: Austria.

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