Long-retired GE runner.

Best GE rank was 27th points / 27th time in mid-late 2014. Had six TWRs around that time (The Boring Four + Cradle A 34 + Cradle 00A 36).

Was very close to getting Cradle 00A 35 UWR with nades, but, at the same time, very close to becoming insane. #DarkTimes #RepressedMemories

One of the earliest people with 60/60 proof that was readily available on YouTube in decent quality.

I was the original 2.2 Jungle right-strafer and developed the 2nd drone mine throw that is now state of the art.

A brainstorming of mine instigated Henrik's discovery of the Dam 00A basement door lure that is now state of the art.

Developed the S2 00A second grenade throw to destroy the sat building cam from outside, which then (rather surprisingly) was utilized by Boss' 1:24 UWR.

Once held the super-weird title of PAL-only champ, although Ace's ancient PAL times were much better.

Used to be fairly high (6th IIRC) on the Jungle leaderboard with 51/55/57.

6th person to ever achieve Jungle A 51.

9th person to ever achieve Cradle A 34.

1st person to ever achieve Chicago A 15 as non-WR (97pts). Nobody else got that time for the next 26 months.

To no avail ran ~500 A-failed Frigate 23s.

To no avail ran ~20 A-failed Cradle 33s.

I'm now too old for this shit. OneHand

Vivid discussant on all sorts of rankings policy and controversy on the elite boards.

Big fan of the shitposting era on the old toxic elite boards, before they were turned into a woke corporate safe space.

Discovered Henning's follow-up splices on the basis of non-stereo endscreen audio.

Made observations about proof videos that led to the rapid banning of David Monteith.

Met Goose in Toronto in the Indian summer of 2017. #ItsAmazing

Now a resident of Switzerland, bon vivant, and PhD-flaunting engineer. Not married, no kids. Kappa

Never doubt The Truth!

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OHMSS's real name is Gregor Degenhart.

OHMSS is currently 36 years old.

OHMSS uses the 1.2 control style.

OHMSS uses a PAL console.

OHMSS's country: Austria.

Joined the Perfect Dark rankings:
3 January 2012.

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with 1:18:24
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with 205 points
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with 2:03:40