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I'll keep rewritting this until I like it. Until then, some facts:
- Spanish mathematician. Speedrunner and speedcuber among other hobbies. Dark LTK enthusiast. PAL-Only player. Bad with technology in general.

- Joined the Elite: 22nd April 2010.
- Duel 3/6/9 achieved long before joining.
- 21/21 LTKs, 21/21 DLTKs on PD.
* Over 25 WRs achieved on 11 DLTK and 2 LTK levels, although I mostly went for completions, not speedruns (some never posted).
- 20/20 LTKs, 16/20 DLTKs on GE.
- First to pass Mahrla and get 17, 18, 19 and 20 PD DLTK completions. Furthest Attack Ship DLTK run ever (quite far actually) before Icy came with the strats and glitches to finally beat it.
- Former LTK/DLTK dual champion on PD (both points and times for each).
- Former Rare (D)LTK champion.
- Former pointless GE times champion.
- Former Full PAL UWR sweep (A/SA/PA/LTK/DLTK) on MBR.
- Former Leaderboard on MBR (slayed Ace out of it, Kappa).
- Contributed to the current MBR PA WR strats by noting that Objective 2 was faster standed than crouched.
- Used drone's explosion to kill Trev on Cradle several years before the strat became popular.
- Historically top 40 on PD (with over 4000 points, and over 1000 per difficulty) and top 100 on GE (with over 1000 points).
- Challenge 29 1:25 (former UWR).
- Challenges 1-30 full run in 2:25:33.
- 21/21 cheeses speedrun in 19:23 (with specific rules).

- Some LTK UWRs (1 of them posted).

- Fastest speedcuber in the Elite as of 2011.
- Current Bounce Tales World Champion (100% WRs on ILs and main full-game runs).
- Former Perfect Dark Zero World Champion (14/14 UWRs on Agent and several on SA/PA/DA).
- Max rank in several Tetris games. Some records: 40 lines in 47 seconds, 17 Perfect Clears in a row, 40 lines only with Perfect Clears in 1:49.
- Several games completed at 100%, including many Guitar Hero games on Expert.
- Dozens of prizes at Rubik's competitions and at maths competitions (local, national and international).

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Interesting facts

Deep Darkness's real name is Óscar Roldán Blay.

Deep Darkness is currently 25 years old.

Deep Darkness uses the 1.2 control style.

Deep Darkness uses a PAL console.

Deep Darkness's country: Spain.

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