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I’m Eric, been playing GE casually since I was a kid but got into watching runs which led to trying my hand at running the game. I joined the-elite in August of 2017 with a full timespage. Look forward to being here in the-Elite and hopefully getting some good times! I recently settled on playing Alien Finger.

Currently goals:
- Building OCB (I have very little to none)
- Achieving a time worth Points
- Cleaning up my timespage
- Beating the ONE remaining time on my page that’s a holdover from when I used 1.1 (Control A 4:42)

- Total combined GE time under 3:00:00 - August 22, 2017 (Join date)
- Total combined GE time under 2:30:00 - September 28, 2018
- First Points - October 6, 2018 (Streets Agent 1:14 - worth 5 points when achieved)
- Top 250 Irrel time ranks - November 3, 2018
- Total Combined GE time under 2 hours - February 10, 2018

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Interesting facts

foxdie's real name is Eric P..

foxdie is currently 30 years old.

foxdie uses the 1.2 control style.

foxdie uses an NTSC console.

foxdie's country: United States.

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with 1:59:41
Perfect Dark
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Perfect Dark
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with 4:51:08

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