About fatsmallen

Playing for the love of the game... fast times improbable.

Started running March 2018. No streaming/capture currently.

(Basic) Skills yet to master:
- Strafe lock shot (Dam)
- Mine boosts (Facility)
- Door warps (in general)
- Arlene/Double Arlene (R-leans - Runway)
- Ladder warps (e.g. S1; I can do the Jungle one - but who can't?)
- Tracker throw (Frigate)
- Pipe warp (Frigate)
- Train shot in-strafe (Depot)
- Roller-door warp (Depot)
- 2.x control style (Various)
- Master pump controls mine throw (Caverns)
- Trev drone kill (Cradle)
- Consistent glass door lure (Aztec)

Current least favourite level: Aztec

Goals for 2019:

- Top 200 in GE Time Ranks
- GE Agent Overall Combined Time sub 25m
- GE Secret Agent Overall Combined Time sub 35m
- GE 00A Overall Combined Time sub 50m
(GE Overall Combined Time sub 1:50:00 - equivalent to A/SA/00A times of 25m/35m/50m)

- PD Overall Combined time sub 30mins (Agent difficulty)

Carried over from 2018:

- A point-scoring IL (an LTK level is an option);
- Sub 25m Any% GE RTA run (current unofficial best 28:35 30/11/18; previous times - 29:08 28/07/18; 30:06 22/07/18).

IL times during fastest GE Agent RTA (28:35):

Dam 0:59
Facility 1:13
Runway 0:28
S1 1:17
B1 0:27
Silo 2:17
Frigate 0:48
S2 1:02
B2 0:39
Statue 2:46
Archives 0:24
Streets 1:18
Depot 0:35
Train 1:54
Jungle 2:06
Control 4:31
Caverns 1:28
Cradle 1:11

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Interesting facts

fatsmallen's real name is Matt Fallen.

fatsmallen is currently 40 years old.

fatsmallen uses the 1.1 control style.

fatsmallen uses a PAL console.

fatsmallen's country: United Kingdom.

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