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Joined on June 7th 2018. Started playing seriously in September. I use 2.4 mainly (although it's a slightly slow version of it as the CC doesn't give me max speed). All times worth points will have a video apart from like 5 LTK ones worth 15 points (am working on getting bids for them), otherwise, picture proof will be available if requested.
Current Targets:
Complete at least a casual playthrough of PD.
Sweep Duel.
Get GE below 2:00:00.
Complete a few LTK/DLTK levels.

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CallBal's real name is Callum Anderson.

CallBal is currently 17 years old.

CallBal uses the 1.2 control style.

CallBal uses a PAL console.

CallBal's country: United Kingdom.

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