Chris Gonsalves

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Joined the Elite February 2020

Notable Achievements:

World Records:
Cradle Agent 0:33 (TWR) (05/22/20)
Runway SA 0:22 (TWR) (06/02/20)
Cradle SA 0:33 (TWR) (06/30/20)
Cradle 00 0:33 (TWR) (07/04/20)
Statue 00 2:18 (TWR) (07/31/20)
Statue SA 2:18 (TWR) (08/04/20)

1000 points: 06/03/20
Most points in one day: 162 (06/03/20)
Most points in one month: 692 (June 2020)

Top 100: 06/24/20

Boring 4 complete: 04/04/20
Player of the Month (May 2020, June 2020)
Outstanding Player of the Month (May 2020, July 2020)

A message to new players:
Put in the effort and believe in yourself, and you can achieve your goals!
Hit me up in the discord for coaching, always here to help the newbies. @chrisgonsalves

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Interesting facts

Chris Gonsalves is currently 25 years old.

Chris Gonsalves uses the 1.2 control style.

Chris Gonsalves uses an NTSC console.

Chris Gonsalves's country: United States.

Gamer stats

point rank
with 1849 points
time rank
with 11:09:55

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