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Joined The Elite in February 2017

GE Top 100: July 13, 2017
GE Top 50: March 31, 2018
GE Top 20: soon?

PD Top 100: July 18, 2018
PD Top 50: November 14, 2018

Career GE WRs: 9
Career PD WRs: 1

GE times I'm especially happy about:
- Dam 00A 1:58: Skipped 1:59
- Frigate 00A 1:07: Completed on a fast pace, though I did have a handful of 1:06 fails
- Surface II A 47: Learned the level and got the WR in 3 hours, then bought some ice cream to celebrate
- Archives 54s: Tough grind for SA, then an equally long grind for 00A
- Cradle A 33: Never expected to not choke a completion :)

PD times I'm especially happy about:
- Chicago PA 27: Skipped 28 unexpectedly
- G5 SA 46: Three seconds faster than the fastest time I thought I could get
- Air Base A 1:14: I skipped 1:17 when I got 1:16, then decided a year later to try the fast laser strat. The FIRST completion skipped 1:15.
- WAR A 25: First PD world record and a really fun level to learn and grind out for a week or so

Other achievements:
- 2017 League: Team 3rd place (Crimps)
- 2018 League: Team 2nd place (Third Echelon)

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Antler's real name is Austin H..

Antler is currently 25 years old.

Antler uses the 1.2 control style.

Antler uses an NTSC console.

Antler's country: United States.

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with 4436 points
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with 1:15:53
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with 3119 points
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with 6:23:56

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