Perfect Dark Perfect Agent 55:03 by Greg K.

  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 18 July 2020
  • Posted: 18 July 2020 at 12:00 am EDT
  • System: NTSC
  • Rank when achieved: Unknown
  • Rank: 4

Player's comments:
will update this with some split comments, but was a solid run overall apart from the big time loss on infiltration, some bad luck on escape and attack ship being attack ship as usual. Decided to do 1-2-3 on WAR after losing so many runs trying 1-3-2 and went pretty good.

First sub 1h completion so pretty happy with it. Needed to settle on a good run like this to actually start aiming at wr runs now without getting too nervous.


defection 1:36: standard (best is 1:30)

invest 3:01: standard, lost a few secs at the shield hallway, got one bot zoom (best 2:57)

extraction 1:55: standard, lost 50% of health to the cmp guard upstairs, pretty dumb (best is 1:46 or so but its kinda yolo, 1:50 is what i would expect to be a decent run with this strat in general)

villa 1:56: kinda bad, lost time with generator buttons and missed hacker kill from far away (best is 1:45ish)

chicago 0:44: standard run - 44/43 is consistent as long as the bot doesnt spawn too far back which happens ~20% of the time (best is 0:42)

g5 2:21: terrible, lost 10s in 2nd cloak room but did the late camspy strat by boss, almost died on the way back (best is 2:02ish)

infil 3:04: very bad, got a weird stuck at the ladder and missed the big lift close which made me lose the 2nd lift cycle (best is 2:40)

rescue 3:42: kinda bad, had a slow start and had to kill many guards on the way back from keycard, usually i complete like 3:25 (best is 3:19 or so)

escape 4:02?: unlucky start. first tranquilizer guard rolled and i got shot twice on the way back. had to play dizzy for over a minute and lost at least 10s due to that. jon was actually pretty decent, and got an average medpack completion (best is 3:40ish)

air base 2:47: very clean run (which is usually the case with this strat) apart from almost getting screwed up by a k7 guard leaving the safe room as i was about to throw the dragon. my best completion so far (got a 2:40 with "wr" strat but i dont do that anymore, not worth it)

af1 2:21: pretty clean run, almost no mistakes, other than having that steward to alert others which make you lose a few secs to get the keycard, but that's usually what happens (best is 2:20 i think)

WRONGLY HIT THE SPLIT BUTTON HERE kappa (what the fuck i am retarded)

crash site 2:15: a little slow, just lost a few secs here and there, like having to pull the hoverbike when going for mine throw and missed 1st dy shot (best is 2:08 or so)

pelagic 2:30: VERY good run, specially at the beginning, i was surprised how i executed this so clean since i was at a good run pace - guards collaborated too. lost a few secs here and there but was my best completion so far.

deep sea 3:38: kinda yoloed the start a little and made some mistakes, but was able to get a 1:20ish elvis still. didnt get the prox mine. almost died to the blondes and barely survived at the end (best is 3:28)

ci 2:15: ok i guess, but lost a few secs at a auto weapon button which made me lose a few more on first lift. slow firing range room too. (best is 2:06 or so)

attack ship 4:42: worst level of the run. had to restart three times because i mistimed the backstab (my mistake and some bad luck too). then got an ok run with many mistakes so in the end i was like +20 on the split comparing to wr (and usually i hope for -30 at least). best is 3:59.

skedar 2:04: clean run, got a good setup but lost 80% of my health to a reaper skedar so went safe and killed the 2nd bridge skedar. did the R jump. missed double spike at the end (best is 1:47 or so but that highly depends on pillar setup).

mbr 1:47: ok i guess for old strat, no major cass stucks, can't hope for much better than that tbh (best is 1:45 old strat, 1:29 icy strat but i gave up on that)

sos 2:27: very standard run, just lost a few secs at the end because i went very safe (best is 2:26 i think)

war 1:07: considering the nerves it went pretty good. just missed first shot on last king but that's alright. did 1-2-3 so waited a little bit at the very last door so skedars would get out of the way (best is 1:04 or so).

Mod note: retimed from 55:06