Silo Dark LTK 8:16 by Bryan B.

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  • Achieved: 12 March 2016
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Rank: 1st (100 points)

Untied World Record when set. What a rush to beat this level! This was my best pace with the 2 nade strat (even over any of the practice runs I did). Some important tips and TTs for those that want to give this level a crack:

Watch the cinema exactly the amount that I did since the far patrolling guard will still be there while having maximum amount of time to beat the level (8:34-8:35), always cut 2nd cinema instantly.

8:00ish kill the first 3 guards (just make sure the back 2 guards see you once the first guard opens the door to gain a lot of consistency, one of the most troll parts of the level)

7:30ish enter 1st room (you don't need to get the nade here but you can try to farm this guard and pause out if you don't get it)

6:51-6:56 open door after half circular catwalk (important to get here around this range so the patrolling guard is by the 2 silver crate guards the entire time)

5:50ish enter 2nd room (kinda gauges how much you can farm the 2 silver crate guards, you can get many body hits and meet this TT hopefully with a nade in hand at this point)

5:10-5:20 leave 2nd room (one thing to note here is I've never had the guard to the right of the T section get lured out (he didn't clone!) as you can see I was attempting to lure him back but he wasn't there at all!, more on this below)

4:46ish open door to catalk to trigger 6 guard lure (far door opens around this time, executed this very well on the run, sometimes a guard lags behind and has to be killed but that's fine)

3:40-3:43 open door to 3rd room (throw the nade kinda in the middle of the cavish looking wall to ensure all 3 guards are dead, if you are kinda slowish getting here you may need to resort to making noise strats as the patrolling guard will be in a bad spot and round the corner once the nade kills the first standing guard, anyway execute 3rd room exactly as I did on this run, don't worry about the dat until later..)

3:20ish make noise near top of stairs to lure "open door" patrolling guard (I took at troll hit here with bad aim on the barrel, this lure should take out 7 guards)

2:30 or better silver crate hall door (farm like crazy for the final nade killing the guards in order from front to back, be sure to practice this section often because it can be difficult with nerves, especially getting the back left guard lined up without taking a hit)

1:40 or better shoot guard to begin the 11 guard lure with a nade in hand (try to take 3-4 head shots worth of damage, then shoot a guard in the door opening to lure some guard, that random shot after the 3 guards get through the door is to lure another guard, hold full speed while crouched to reach final silver crate, shoot 2 full clips around 25 sec after initially getting there, once behind final silver crate to give better odds of all 11 guards are close enough to die from nade throw, copy 4th room exactly how it was done this run, flawless)

0:20 or better, Ouru sees you. (be sure to run into the wall 3 sec before having him see you to lower odds of being shot)

0:09 or better shoot final console (just make sure the guard facing away from you goes down with 1 PP7 clip, if less time left (5-8 sec) yolo ending as a last ditch effort by shooting the guard in the leg that is in your path and hoping the back left guard doesn't shoot you)

That's really about all you need to know in terms of critical TTs.

This level takes a lot of practice for each section to gain consistency. Odds are you'll have to deal with the clone guard after 2nd room, but all you do is lure him back and stand NEAR the top of the stairs (not at the top) so that when you shoot him, you don't lure the guard on the catwalk behind the silver crate guard left of T section. You usually won't have any time to farm for a nade as a result.

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