Silo Dark LTK 7:32 by Blaze M.

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  • Achieved: 14 January 2023
  • System: PAL
  • Rank: 1st (100 points)

This is my fifth run on Silo DLTK.
I did 8:15 on my first run (June 18, 2022).

Thanks to Adam Bozon for his precious help.

I will respond to the various reviews seen on Discord.

I play with the 1.1 control style. I have always used these controls. When I tried the 1.2 control style, I was lost, I couldn't do it. So I will keep the 1.1 control style.
I have always used auto-aim because it is very useful for me.

A few hours before this completion, I had 2 runs with 3 grenades when I arrived in front of the silver box guard room. On these 2 runs, I tried a 4 grenade strategy. I threw the third grenade at the two furthest guards, and hoped the closest guard would pull out a grenade, but he didn't. This strategy can still work with luck.

I already had a run with 4 grenades, after killing the 4th grenade guard. But I got killed in the 3rd fuel room (in a really stupid way).

On my 7:32 run, I had 0 grenade when I arrived in front of the silver box guard room. So I had to kill the 3 guards with the KF7 Soviet. When the last guard was killed in the explosion, I thought my run was over. I still checked near all the silver crates. And I was surprised when I picked up the 3rd grenade. I hadn't seen that the guard furthest from the door had pulled out a grenade.

I'm not afraid to watch the ending cutscene. Even if there is a risk that scientists will be killed in the giant explosion, I think there is very little chance of that happening. I watched the ending cutscene on all my Silo DLTK runs, objective E was always completed. I trust the scientists to leave in time. I'm sad I killed one in my 7:32 run.

Bonne chance pour battre mon temps.

Blaze M.'s time history for Silo DLTK

Date Achieved Time Video System
14 January 2023 Video PAL
7 January 2023 Video PAL
2 January 2023 Video PAL
29 December 2022 Video PAL

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