GoldenEye Secret Agent 30:57 by Marc Rützou
  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 11 April 2018
  • Posted: 11 April 2018 at 12:00 am EDT
  • System: NTSC
  • Rank when achieved: Untied World Record when set!
  • Rank: 3

Player's comments:
Dam 1:20 (Standard here is 1:19/1:20, good run)

Facility 0:58 (Second best doak, 53 pace with best Doak. Great run. Few seconds below standard)

Runway 0:30 (Standard)

Surface 1 1:51 (Standard)

Bunker 1 0:28 (Great run. A few seconds below standard)

Silo 1:19 (Can always be a few seconds better than this, but good run. Anything under 1:20 is acceptable)

Frigate 1:17 (Great run, anything under 1:20 is acceptable, so this is good)

Surface 2 1:19 (Bad. Lost 2 seconds, but no big deal)

Bunker 2 0:56 (Easy to get trolled on this stage, so good textbook run. Anything under 0:58 is acceptable)

Statue 2:23 (Great run. Trev shot and WR FR position)

Archives 0:58 (Slightly bad. Got stuck for a few seconds in total, but no big deal. 0:58 is acceptable when you have a great run going)

Streets 1:58 (Standard)

Depot 0:53 (Standard)

Train 1:37 (Good run, i always aim for at least sub 1:40 here)

Jungle 1:11 (Standard run for safe xenia)

Control 4:21 (Amazing first room. Got stuck on the guard after crate guards for almost 3 seconds because of an annoying boost, and lost almost a few seconds on Nat in the ending. Timed it very safe, but A came up late for some reason. Still satisfied with 4:21 though, decent run under the pressure)

Caverns 1:35 (Can be 3-5 seconds faster but i'm ALWAYS very happy with a COMPLETION on NTSC. Decent run)

Cradle 0:51 (Fast nade, but a door was shut on me and got 3 backboosts. Not a huge deal though, very satisfied with this run. Decent)

Aztec 2:01 (I usually get at least 1:55 here, but i'm very satisfied with clutching Aztec on a run under pressure and surviving. Beginning was a bit bad and i decided to take one drone out quickly in the final room. Decent run)

Not a single bad run! The closest thing is Surface 2 and Aztec, but it can get a few seconds worse on Surface 2 if the double klobb guard rolls or some shit. The run after Train was so insane, that i was 20 SECONDS ahead of Ace in mission time. He beat me on Jungle, Control Caverns and Cradle by 12 seconds in mission time, but my times on those levels were still decent. I was very nervous at the upload at Aztec, almost died because some idiot boosted me back to the mainframe area. Very satisfied with this overall consistently good run.

Total mission time is 27:46 if i counted correctly, which is a bigger gap than real time. 10 seconds faster than Ace's mission time.