GoldenEye 00 Agent 57:02 by David Gibbons
  • Type: Real time
  • Achieved: 21 June 2004
  • Posted: 21 June 2004 at 12:00 am EDT
  • System: NTSC
  • Rank when achieved: Untied World Record when set!
  • Rank: 22

Player's comments:
I run through GoldenEye on 00A difficulty (hard), completing every level as quickly as possible with no deaths. I do this from a fresh file, eventually creating a 007 file.

I am very pleased with this run. Obviously, one can't perform world record strategies for every level because they rely on a lot of luck to work and I only have one chance per level so I must make it count. I developed my own, slightly conservative strategies for each level (some directly from my guides).

Keep watching after I beat Egypt, I think you'll enjoy the bloopers section. I still don't understand: Mishkin vs. hand grenade close range = Mishkin wins. Mishkin vs. box explosion from 10 feet = box wins.


Dam 2:15
Facility 1:25
Runway 0:50
Surface 1:59
Bunker 1:29
Silo 2:45
Frigate 1:52
Surface 2 2:01
Bunker 2 2:24
Statue 2:55
Archives 1:08
Streets 2:21
Depot 1:38
Train 3:37
Jungle 2:16
Control 5:07
Caverns 5:22
Cradle 2:43
Aztec 4:43
Egypt 1:11


The entire run is extremely ideal in terms of target times except for train where I took a nasty hit (I average 3:15-20) and Statue, where I was honored with the WORST possible flight recorder spawn (10 second waste). Only four REALLY bad things happened, however...

After going downstairs and freeing two hostages there is the room before the engine. Ninety percent of the time there are two guards, rarely three -- this time FOUR. I was caught off guard and got shot up pretty bad. I don't like this room usually because if there are more than two guards then one will try to open the door/get stuck and make it impossible to be smooth. This time I was just getting shot up.

I don't know where they come from, either. I think the guards just make clones of themselves (GE vets know what I'm talking about). Frigate usually isn't even very difficult...I was just dealt a very bad card. I had to finish as a "ghost" (no color in my health).

Pretty standard run until I get to the third/fourth cars where I use my watch laser. I just got unlucky (or too loud/slow?) and all the guards were out in full force. Also, at the start of the fourth car I should have killed the guard first instead of the braking unit. I got out with lower than usual health but the situation was still manageable.

When I got to the ZMG cars I got another bad deal -- NO ZMG guys in the first two cars! I also got extremely confused because I killed three guys in black and I thought I had ZMGs, so I kept trying to cycle back (PP7 -> ZMG -> DK5).

I don't know why I tried to kill the two ZMG guards with my DK5 -- it has worked before, but it's rare and you have to hit their head because the gun has no stopping power against armor. I got lit up! Ouch! I am amazed that I lived through this, however ugly the process. I should have used the watch laser right when I realized I didn't have a ZMG.

I almost lost control when the game throws at me something incredible. I played Control A LOT when I went for my PR like a year ago (4:29 00A) and I have never seen such a crazy and weird series of events.

Just remember that guys in hats have armor and will attack me only and guys without hats target only Natalya (ignoring Bond completely, to humorous effect) and have no armor.

Let's break it down:
2 guys in the glass at once (1 has a hat)
1 guy comes down the stairs behind me

First off, in my experience, glass guys target Natalya 99% of the time. When the glass broke on the left there was the hat guy on the right -- but I killed him first because he was in the glass. He distracted me long enough for two other guys to shoot Nat at once! A couple more bullets and she would have been put down for sure.

In the computer room where I throw mines on the lockers/boxes and blow up the second set of computers...where did those two guards come from? The ones behind me...I was getting shot from

the back and I was really confused. I don't even think they opened the door. I killed just about every guard in the stage! The only explanation is that they came from the bottom of the catwalk but I doubt it because the guards are both deaf (try it!) and dumb.

Other level comments.......

Facility: The X factor is Dr. Doak, who has six possible locations to spawn. My strategy involves checking five, leaving out the far gas room that requires going through two security doors (very slow). I can check the first left room by looking through the glass, which is what I was doing if you were curious. Doak eventually appears in the WR spot.

Streets: I went RIGHT at the end because I did not want to die to rockets. I HATE rockets coming at me when I'm trying to strafe. Slower but safer.

Cradle: I know about the grenade tricks but it seems too random to pull off in this sort of run.

Aztec: Yes, we all know about the "no Jaws" strat and that's how I got my Aztec Elite PR's; still too crazy for this sort of run.

Egypt: You bet I took the tiles VERY carefully.