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For my 9th Christmas, I was a blessed boi and my father bought me a Nintendo 64. I was a pretty cool kid at that point. I started a Nintendo club which wasn't really a club at all, as it was just me and two friends. But, we grabbed every copy of Nintendo Power we could find and with our measly allowances, rented Rush 2 every week from the small shop down the road.
Then one day we saw Goldeneye. That was it. No more Rush. No more Super Mario. No more Pilotwings. Thank god for that. What 9 year old wants to play Pilotwings?
Eventually the store went out of business and we got to keep GE. It wasn't really surprising to be honest, looking back on it now. Living in a tiny town, Shady corner store who's biggest business is it's 6 machine laundromat, buying like 1000 N64 games. I mean, Blockbuster is like 15 minutes further down the road.
For like 5 years, Goldeneye was all we played. Unlocking every cheat, 4-player all-nighters, gamesharking the shit out of it. Until one day we gamesharked too hard and my cartridge wouldn't work anymore. Secret tears were shed that night.
In time, our Nintendo club would fall apart, I would sell my 64 and use the money to help buy myself a Gamecube with Luigi's Mansion. So many regrets.
So. I haven't owned a gaming console since '04 or '05. Until Christmas of 2018. My 30th Christmas. When my girlfriend bought me one. WITH GOLDENEYE.
Lets see what happens.

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Aaron Perry is currently 36 years old.

Aaron Perry uses the 1.1 control style.

Aaron Perry uses an NTSC console.

Aaron Perry's country: Canada.

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14 November 2017.

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