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Too old for GE the first time around...

Got an N64 and GE cart on 8/20/19 after discovering some interest by watching a bunch of SpeedLore videos when they were recommended to me on YouTube.

Played for a year, give or take, with a couple of long-ish breaks off for various reasons...

I realize and accept that I'm not particularly very good and play with a number of artificial handicaps, like playing on an LCD, not believing in lookdown or warps or other strats that feel like "cheats" to me... so, I guess I'm not actually a REAL speedrunner...

It took me 3 months to unlock 007 and more than 11 months to 100% the game with the final darn-near-impossible cheat unlock on Cavs 00!!!

Even the levels I am proud of (mostly some nice LTK levels) required hard grinds to get past the lack of skill and so forth...

But I enjoyed what I was able to accomplish in my time with the game. And I'm guessing I'll stick with SpeedLore to the end... :)

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Chato's real name is Jerry Bee.

Chato is currently 53 years old.

Chato uses the 1.2 control style.

Chato uses an NTSC console.

Chato's country: United States of America.

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21 August 2020.

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21 August 2020.

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