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Hello there.

I have played GoldenEye since I was a child, and 20 years later I still have my original console and game. I was never a brilliant gamer as a kid (I did complete Cradle on Agent, but couldn’t get past Control on SA and Bunker 1 on 00).

A couple of years ago I played the game again for a couple of weeks (in that time beating Control and Caverns on SA, and Bunker 1 on 00).

Recently I have decided to play the game again, and started setting myself the challenge of beating my best times. I’ve managed to beat all my previous best times, and began wondering if there was a proper ranking system out there. I came across this site and I was fascinated by the depth of this, the strategy, the passion, and dedication many of the best have put into their times.

I do not expect to challenge seriously in any shape or form, but I look forward to being a part of the community while also aiming to complete the game I never really completed in my younger years. I passed SA on Cradle (after killing Trev twice just to be shot off the platform by a random guard) and was able to take on Aztec for the first time, completing both Agent and SA. I have made progress on 00 as well, clearing Silo for the first time and I am currently onto Aztec for this difficulty now.

Happy Gaming!

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Dave Claes is currently 27 years old.

Dave Claes uses the 1.1 control style.

Dave Claes uses a PAL console.

Dave Claes's country: United Kingdom.

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