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Hello goldeneye and perfect dark runners. I am Dylan Dickens. Mostly known as pokemonrocks12ify on twitch. I played goldeneye since 2004 (multilayer play) I didn't really care for speedrunning till I watched Alex Anderson's (bassboost) speedrun 100% 00agent and all cheats unlocked run back in 2013. (Agdq 2013). I follow alot of speedrunners on twitch examples are rwhitegoose, bassboost etc. I live in Saskatchewan canada so I'm a Canadian speedrunner of goldeneye with rwhitegoose and bassboost. As far as I know. My new pb was back in December was a dam 059 on agent. Update have a new pb on dam 053 yesterday. Didn't record because don't have camera.

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Dylan Dickens is currently 27 years old.

Dylan Dickens uses the 1.1 control style.

Dylan Dickens uses an NTSC console.

Dylan Dickens 's country: Canada.

Joined The-Elite:
26 March 2015.

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26 March 2015.

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