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Hello! My name is Fred Grosshaupt, and i want to be a part of this community, because, numero uno, i already follow it, and numero dos, because i love both speedrunning and GE (never played PD in all my life though.) I hope to someday see the initials FG all over the rankings just like how WJ was all over them in 2003. I do not know a whole lot about speedrunning this game, and i want to be taught by some of the greats so that someday, I shall be able to have a fighting chance at becoming GoldenEye champion. Thank you for reading, and please have a wonderful day!

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Fred Grosshaupt is currently 14 years old.

Fred Grosshaupt uses the 1.1 control style.

Fred Grosshaupt uses an NTSC console.

Fred Grosshaupt's country: United States.

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