Duel Agent 0:03 by JazzaBigHits

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  • Achieved: 10 November 2018
  • System: PAL
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  • Player's comments:
    Took me many tries considering I've never had a world record or been a speedrunner. When i finally hit that sub 4 (was around 3.9 or something) I made this account and have since bought a cap card. Will get this time again soon with video proof (have only photo proof for now)

    Note: yesterday i did some recording with GV USB 2 without splitter cable and the imput lag made it impossible for me to get the sub 4. I did however get a 4.2 and a 4.05 which i could upload (with terrible imput lag). I am currently buying a splitter. Update, got 4.01 with almost no imput lag, will do more soon.

    BOOM BABY got the 3 seconds recorded. Have got lower times and will go for 6 SA soon enough :D

    I got this record before this as mentioned, but found the date of the video I recorded (when i got this recorded) and it was recorded on 11/10/18
    This was recorded the exact same day as the other video of my 0'07 SA video. I just took that long to upload the 0'07 because it isn't WR

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