All videos for The Duel - Agent

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A list of all videos submitted for Perfect Dark's The Duel on the Agent diffuclty, including duplicated times and times that are no longer the players' PBs.

*Points are applicable to the date the time was achieved, if known.

0:03/0Video 19 Jul 2000 NTSC ExpertGamer TWR - PASDYAEG
0:03/0Video 19 Jul 2000 NTSC ParagonX9
0:03/0Video 19 Jul 2000 NTSC SnapDragon TWR - PASD
0:03/0Video 12 Aug 2000 NTSC DarkFox13
0:03/0Video 1 Oct 2000 NTSC Discombobulator found my pd cart and decided to record this for lols
0:04/0Video 11 Apr 2018 PAL MSaint I think I will never get 0:03
0:04/0Video 23 Apr 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr Tied my old PB from ages past.
0:04/0Video 5 Aug 2019 NTSC Sere 4.08 dupe without quickswitching?:
0:04/0Video 1 Nov 2019 NTSC TheIrishBub After spinning to the right so much, I thought, "Why not spin to the left?" This was that
0:04/0Video 19 Jan 2020 NTSC Lidark
0:05/0Video 23 Apr 2018 NTSC MadmanFlechr This is just bad admittedly.
0:05/0Video 12 Jul 2024 PAL Lee Cullen
4:20/0Video 30 May 2019 NTSC Dr. Light nice
4:20Video 8 Dec 2019 NTSC-J Dr. Light cool
4:20Video 26 May 2020 PAL Dr. Light pog