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Name's Mikael Linnér, known as Mioracle and I'm a new Speedrunner from Göteborg, Sweden.

I love fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, anime, music, sports, Zlatan, movies, tv shows, playing guitar, am a huge Marvel-fan etc. (Yes I'm single and desperate ;) )

I work in IT within the Health Care industry since 10 years as a technician. I love computer hardware and worked 15 years prior building, selling, repairing and tweaking PCs.

Also a PC Gamer and a Magic the Gathering player (Rank #40 on the Mythic constructed ladder last month), and atm. I play Apex Legends and CS GO mostly, but think I might try GTA V RP soon as I'm hooked on it.

I've been following the scene for a couple of years and really love it. I got really hooked when watching Lockwood play and all Goose's Speedloores.

Never thought I'd do it myself, 43 years old and all, but the amazing human being WaterTempleFiend convinced me to buy my first Nintendo console ever and start speedrunning.

Another reason I was really interested in speedrunning is the different tricks you can do, such as door warps etc. and I love tinkering and experimenting.

And so the day har finally come. My OCB is horrible, but at least I can experiment now. And the first thing I "invented" is two "new" ways to do the Bunker 2 Warp.

Ofc. they need a little bit more work, but anyone with amazing OCB can probably do them a lot better than I.

Mioracle Warp Speed I


Mioracle's Warp Speed II



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  • Mioracle#3057

Interesting facts

Mikael Linnér is currently 46 years old.

Mikael Linnér uses the 1.2 control style.

Mikael Linnér uses a PAL console.

Mikael Linnér's country: Sweden.

Joined The-Elite:
11 September 2021.

Joined the GoldenEye rankings:
13 September 2021.

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