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I've casually played GoldenEye and Perfect Dark since their releases. I began officially speedrunning GoldenEye mid-March 2019. I only knew the 1.1 control style. I quickly learned 1.2 (Alien Finger) and that became the preferred control style I run GE with.
- A big milestone for me was officially unlocking all 20 levels in GE at the end of March '19. I had never done that before in my life.
- April 28, 2019 I achieved my first points with a WR time on Runway Agent (0:22). #130!

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MrJR2309's real name is John Reading.

MrJR2309 is currently 33 years old.

MrJR2309 uses the 1.2 control style.

MrJR2309 uses an NTSC console.

MrJR2309's country: Canada.

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with 429 points
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with 3:21:00

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