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Casual gamer / noob. Live in Indiana. Played GE when it came out and couldn't get further than Control SA (I was 12 and not exactly disciplined). Picked the game up again in March 2019 and finally beat it on 00A in May.

-- Joined The Elite: July 15, 2019 (with a completed times page and a craptastic total time of 4:49:22)
-- Sub 4:00:00: August 3, 2019 (with my first NTSC-J run)
-- Sub 3:00:00: August 14, 2019
-- Sub 2:00:00: August 27, 2019
-- Top 200 Combined Time: September 15, 2019 (199th with 1:53:17)
-- Taking a break. Peak Combined Time rank of 197th on October 16, 2019 with 1:51:49.

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Slowham's real name is Patrick F..

Slowham is currently 36 years old.

Slowham uses the 1.1 control style.

Slowham uses an NTSC console.

Slowham's country: United States of America.

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with 1:51:49

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