Runway 00 Agent 0:38 by João Vitor

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  • Achieved: 18 March 2015
  • System: NTSC-J
  • Points when achieved: 88
  • Rank: 32nd (66 points)
  • Player's comments:
    Estimated 10 dupes (at the end of the grind I was on a roll, had like 4 in 10min), 18 38 fails.
    5-6 Hours for 39 from scratch (with 6-7 38 fails, one with B complete)
    Took about a total of 10-12 hours I'd say (from NA/casual). Only playing this level again for 34 or 35. I could've fluked it at the 4h and 6-9h marks, but Tank consistency was tricky for me to figure out.

    ~Love is a Danger Zone

    JAP 2.4

João Vitor's time history for Runway 00 Agent

Date Achieved Time Video System
18 March 2015 Video NTSC-J
16 March 2015 None NTSC-J

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